Weapons are the primary way that characters deal physical damage (all weapons deal physical damage), and are used with Techniques. As noted in the gear rules, you can have as many weapons equipped as you like, but you can still one use one weapon at a time.

Each time you perform a Technique, select a single equipped weapon - the damage the technique deals is based on the weapons potency, and gains the benefits from the weapons specific properties. You can use different weapons from round to round, so certain players might find it useful to have more than a single type equipped, even if they can only be used one at a time.

After the weapon name, a type of momentum is listed in brackets. This is the type of momentum generated when performing a basic attack, or when an ability said to based the momentum on the weapon.

All weapons incur a weight penalty when equipped.


Melee weapons are the simplest of the weapons. The can only perform techniques when used from the front row, and against targets in the enemy front row. Melee weapons generally have better damage potential than firearms.

Gold Cost Weapon [Momentum] Weight Cost Potency Properties
Fist [Rush] 0WGT 1d4+2 Not really a weapon, but if you make an attack without having one equipped, you use this. It's not very good.
20 Staff [Launch] 2WGT 1d6+6 Gain +1MP on a hit, and if you cast a spell next round it's -1MP.
20 Dagger [Rush] 2WGT 1d6+6 Critical 20.
20 Baton [Rush] 2WGT 1d6+6 Accuracy 20. Scratch 6 on miss as well, or add +2 to a preexisting Scratch value.
20 Flail [Rush] 2WGT 1d6+6 +3 damage against targets whose turn marker is below yours.
25 Sword [Rush] 4WGT 1d6+8 +2 damage when you activate a combo. Momentum generated by this weapon is +1, as well.
25 Spear [Pin] 4WGT 1d6+8 +3 damage against targets whose turn marker is above yours.
25 Axe [Rush] 4WGT 1d6+8 +4 damage if you activated a Quick ability on this turn.
25 Mace [Launch] 4WGT 1d6+8 +4 damage if you didn't hit a target with a weapon last round.
30 Greataxe [Launch] 6WGT 1d8+10 Accuracy & Critical 10.
30 Greatsword [Launch] 6WGT 1d8+10 On a hit, you take -3 damage from the target until your next turn.
30 Hammer [Launch] 6WGT 1d8+10 +4 damage if the target's weakness has been hit this battle.


The main benefit to firearms is being able to deal damage from the back row where it's safer, as well as being able to hit targets in either enemy row, but they have to manage ammo and need to spend time reloading.

Gold Cost Weapon [Momentum] Weight Cost Potency Properties
30 Pistol [Pin] 2WGT 1d6+6 Ranged. Accuracy 10. 4 Ammo before reloading.
35 Shotgun [Pin] 4WGT 1d6+8 Ranged. Critical 10. 3 Ammo before reloading.
40 Rifle [Pin] 6WGT 1d8+10 Ranged. +2 damage to targets in the back row. 2 Ammo before reloading.


Accuracy: If a weapon has ranks of accuracy, increase the CoS to hit by the listed amount. It's harder to miss when you have accuracy.
Critical: If a weapon has ranks of critical, increase the target number from 0 to the listed amount in order to critically hit. This makes it possible to score critical hits without spending luck!
Bonus Damage: Sometimes the weapon deals bonus damage to targets under specific conditions. These should be listed with the weapon itself. If the target isn't under the specific condition, don't deal any extra damage and use the base value instead.
Ranged: Unlike melee weapons, ones with the Ranged property are capable of being used from the back row, and against the enemy back row. They ignore row restrictions.
Ammo: If a weapon has an Ammo value, it means that the weapon can only attack that many time before it must be reloaded. In order to reload an ammo using weapon, perform a Defend action. Ammo is typically paired with "Ranged" and found on firearms.
Scratch: This weapon inflicts Scratch damage. Anytime you miss with your attack while wielding this weapon, True Strike them for physical damage equal to the weapon's Scratch value.
Other effects: Some weapons might give other bonuses. They'll be listed next to the weapon and should be fairly clear.


Gold Cost Name Weapon Type Number of Charges Charge Effect Description
200 7-Ringed Staff Staff 3 Refund the MP used to perform the attack. A replica of a lost kingdom's royal raiment. Apparently, fakes like these are everywhere.
170 Extending Pole Staff 4 Ignore row restrictions with this attack. With a subtle button push, this steel staff extends, to your delight and the enemy's surprise.
200 Wizard's Staff Staff 3 The next Spell you cast this fight will Burst on rolls under 100. Adorned with runes and tipped with a shining crystal, ready to unleash at a moment's notice.
210 Lightning Rod Staff 4 True Strike a different target for 6 air damage. This blued-iron rod hums ever so slightly before the discharge. Please do not attempt to recharge the rod with an actual lightning bolt.
190 Power Stick Staff 5 Deal +3 damage. Balanced at both ends by iron weights. A favorite of mountain-dwelling monks.
180 Dragon's Fang Dagger 5 Change the damage and momentum generated to water. Rumor has it they're all from the same dragon.
190 Seeking Knife Dagger 4 Activate after a hit or miss. Reduce the CoS roll by 30. These knives seek hearts, even when not held.
220 Twisted Steel Dagger 3 Inflicts Long K-Shatter. Multiple curves in the blade assist in prying open armor (and ribs).
190 Double Edge Dagger 5 Roll +1 damage die. Those flexible of wrist find this weapon to be effective. Very difficult to sheathe.
180 Feather Blade Dagger 5 Quicken 1 after attacking, or Quicken 2 after a Critical. A curved blade in the fashion of a quill.
180 Flame Dancer Baton 5 Change the damage and momentum generated to fire. A baton used in ceremonial dances.
200 Crisis Baton Baton 3 If the attack would inflict a Short status, upgrade its power to II levels. On contact, makes an extremely deep, resonating sound.
200 Riot Baton Baton 3 Until the end of the round, incoming CoS rolls against the target are lowered by 20. A very flexible baton that sends concussive waves throughout its target.
210 Vigilant Tonfa Baton 4 Gain a Bubble (10). Flexible plastics make this weapon suited for taking blows as well as dishing them out.
220 Cattle Prod Baton 4 Inflicts Short Shock II. If you're reading this, you're probably interested in corralling more than cattle.
180 Thunder-Head Flail 5 Change the damage and momentum generated to air. A massive flail that booms with thunder.
210 Chain Trap Flail 4 True Strike a different target for 6 physical damage. An elemental devil of steel, flail-shaped. It delights in combat, and barks like a dog.
170 Quicksilver Nunchaku Flail 5 Generate an additional Rush momentum. Lighter than air, accomplished wielders sheathe themself in a blur of silver.
190 Tripping Whip Flail 5 Slow 1. Has a hook on the tip, but is ineffective as a grappling hook.
210 Constrictor Flail 3 Upgrade a Short I status the attack inflicts to Long I. The coiled body of this flail constricts with a flick of the wrist.


Gold Cost Name Weapon Type Number of Charges Charge Effect Description
30 Haunted Staff Staff 1 The attack deals double damage, then the weapon shatters and is destroyed. A staff inhabited by the spirit of a fallen monk.
220 Sweeping Staff Staff 2 Activate on a hit or miss. The attack targets a second enemy in the same row. Tx
220 Archmage's Staff Staff 1 The next Spell the wielder cast this battle has double the MP cost, but gains double potency and dice. Tx
220 Herald's Staff Staff 1 The wielder gains Long Fire Saber. Tx
180 Alchemic Staff Staff 2 Generates an additional Fire, Water, Air and Earth momentum. Tx
30 Haunted Dagger Dagger 1 The attack deals double damage, then the weapon shatters and is destroyed. A dagger inhabited by restless spirits.
180 Assassin's Knife Dagger 1 Deals +12 damage against targets at maximum HP. Tx
180 Serrated Blade Dagger 2 Roll +2 damage dice. Tx
180 One Man Army Dagger 2 Activate one of the abilities combos without using any momentum. Tx
190 Hidden Dagger Dagger 1 Take an additional turn which must use this weapon at the end of the round but before momentum is destroyed. Tx
30 Haunted Baton Baton 1 The attack deals double damage, then the weapon shatters and is destroyed. Haunted weapons are recovered constantly from battlefields.
200 Bunker Buster Baton 2 The attack deals supreme damage, removes the effects of Defending from the target, and prevents the target from benefiting from any passive Armor until the end of the round. Tx
210 Thunder Rod Baton 1 True Strike all other enemies for 8 air damage. Tx
220 Dwarven Baton Baton 1 Grants +1LP to the wielder and all allies that hit the target with an attack for the remainder of battle. Tx
190 Deflector Baton 2 For the rest of the round, immediately True Strike enemies for 8 physical that attack the wielder. Tx
30 Haunted Chain Flail 1 The attack deals double damage, then the weapon shatters and is destroyed. The spirit (in this case, a prisoner) is freed when the weapon is destroyed.
180 Razor Wire Flail 1 The weapon rolls +1 damage die for the remainder of the battle. Tx
200 Whiplash Flail 1 Activate only after performing an Overdrive. Gain +8 Drive. Tx
220 Ninetail Flail 2 Activate after a hit or miss. The attack targets a second enemy in the same row. Tx
190 Succubus Tail Flail 1 Until the end of battle, anytime the target performs an attack, True Strike one of its allies for 6 damage of the same type as the attack immediately. The magic stored inside compels those touched by it to lose some control of their senses.
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