Shields provide a more active defensive option. When you have a shield equipped and a struck for damage, you may spend as many block points as you wish (until you run out of block points) in order to reduce the damage taken from the amount equal to the shields block value, per point spent. The main advantage to shields, despite their limited use, is that they are capable of reducing elemental damage.

You start each battle with all of your block points from your equipped shield.

All shields incur a weight penalty.

Gold Cost Shield Weight Cost Block Value Block Points
20 Buckler 2WGT Reduce all incoming damage by 2. Five Blocks per battle.
25 Standard 4WGT Reduce all incoming damage by 5. Three Blocks per battle.
35 Tower 6WGT Reduce incoming damage by 10. Two blocks per battle.


Shield charges are spent after performing a Block with it.

The listed shields are all C Grade! They're a bit harder to find in stores though, and requires PREMIUM store access.

Gold Cost Name Shield Type Number of Charges Charge Effect Description
200 The Round Buckler 3 Generate a Bubble (6) Unadorned. No blacksmith has ever made two of these. Do they appear by accident?
200 Skirmish Guard Buckler 3 Quicken 1 Well-worn, perfectly balanced.
220 Sancta Buckler 2 Instantly cleanse any statuses inflicted by the attack. Treated with a complex mixture of magic and alchemies.
200 Mirror Guard Buckler 3 Gain Long Absorb Fire. Burning energy simply bounces off.
230 Cross Spike Standard 3 True Striker the attacker for physical damage equal to the shield's Block Value. "It's always worthwhile to have another sharp edge."
200 Barrier Shield Standard 3 Gain a Barrier (5). It flares with a pale light.
250 Saving Grace Standard 1 Converts Supreme damage into Physical. Th Goddess' Pray is etched along the shield's edge.
200 Holy Shield Standard 3 Gain Long Absorb Water. Shining with an inner light.
200 Orichalca Standard 3 Gain Long Absorb Air. A work of art, inlaid with brass.
250 Last Bastion Tower 1 Triple the Block Value for this attack. A prayer written on its rim: "come back no matter what".
220 Sixteenth Tower 2 Dispel a status from the attacker. Engraved with "XVI".
200 Stone Wall Tower 3 Gain Long Absorb Earth. Designed in the style of a fortress walll.
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