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At an Inn, characters can spend 20G a piece in order to benefit from a Full Rest. Full Resting restores HP, MP and LP to maximum values, and does not adjust the Drive Gauge. When you Full Rest, refill your enchanted gear and relic to their maximum number of charges if they have any we well. Certain races, classes, traits, and even skills may allow you to take additional actions specifically when taking a Full Rest, as well.


Generally, stores are broken up by the sorts of things they sell. Weapons, Implements, Shields, Armor, Charms, Accessories, Battle Items, and Good&Tools. Generally a normal settlement will have at least Mundane levels of gear of all types available, with Premium and Contraband varying on a settlement to settlement basis. Availability levels aren't settlement wide though, and can vary from gear type to type. Maybe they have Premium weapons available, but not for anything else, while the local black market only has access to Contraband charms. Check with your GM anytime you roll into a new town!


At the enchanters, adventurers can pay a professional to perform basic services for enchanted gear.

First and foremost, they can Identify enchanted gear or items for 10G a piece.

Secondly, they can Transfer enchantments from one piece of gear to another for 30G. Note that enchantments transfers from one type of gear to another must be of the same type; weapons to weapons, implements to implements, shields to shields, and armor to armor. Each piece of gear may also only benefit from a single magical property enchantment at once, as well.

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