Implements are sort of like weapons, but for Spells instead of Techniques. As such, Implements are used to boost the power or efficiency of casting spells. As noted in the gear rules, you can have as many implements equipped at once as you like, but you can only benefit from a single one of them at a time.

Each time you cast a Spell, select a single implement. The spell is then boosted in accordance with the implement used. All implements have one static effect, and then a secondary effect that increases Bursts in some way.

All implements incur a weight penalty.

Gold Cost Implement Weight Cost Properties
30 Wand 2WGT Spells gain +2 potency. When your spells Burst, deal +5 additional potency rather than +3.
30 Grimoire 2WGT Spells cost -1MP. When your spells Burst, they cost -2MP rather than -1MP. If you cast a Spell with no MP cost with a Grimoire (before factoring in Burst discounts), recover +1MP.
25 Orb 2WGT Spells have their die potency increased by one size. Your spells also have +10 Burst rate.


one of these generates extra recovery momentum

Gold Cost Name Implement Type Number of Charges Charge Effect Description
190 Sorcerer's Wand Wand 4 Gains +4 potency. A mainstay of laboratory work the world over.
210 Angel Wing Wand 4 True Strike a target the spell didn't hit for 6 damage matching the spell's element. A beautiful scepter, jewel-topped.
200 Tuning Rod Wand 5 Increase the momentum generated by the Spell by +5. A razor-thin wire taut within this glass wand hums eternally.
170 Nm Wand 5 Gain knowledge of the target's weakness. Tx
210 Nm Wand 5 Activate when hitting a resistance. True Strike other enemies with the same resistance for 5 physical damage. Tx
200 Lost Key Grimoire 3 The ability's MP Cost is reduced to 0. Written in a nonsense language, but with a certain logic.
200 Book of the Dead Grimoire 4 True Heal yourself or the target for +8HP. A careful record of an ancient disaster.
210 Iron Book Grimoire 3 Remove a status form the target. Engraved on iron pages, an Alloci relic.
200 Nm Grimoire 3 Gain +2 Drive. Tx
200 Spell Reactor Orb 4 Force the Spell to have Burst, rather than Hit. A magical machine, carefully tuned.
210 Moon Tear Orb 3 Upgrade a status from Short I to Long I. A crystal orb carved from a falling star.
170 Nm Orb 5 Generates an additional Recovery momentum Tx
190 Nm Orb 4 Roll +1 potency die. Tx
210 Nm Orb 3 If the spell would normally deal damage, change it to a recovery effect. If the spell would normally heal, change it into any type of elemental damage. Tx


Gold Cost Name Implement Type Number of Charges Charge Effect Description
190 Nm Wand 1 The implement rolls +1 potency die for the remainder of the battle. Tx
210 Nm Wand 1 Until the end of the round, anytime a target you hit is struck again, True Strike them immediately for 5 damage matching the spell's element. Tx
210 Nm Wand 1 True Strike all other targets in the group for 8 damage matching the spell's element. Tx
210 Nm Wand 2 True Heal a different target for +12HP. Tx
210 Nm Wand 2 Activate after striking a weakness. Grants the wielder and allies +2 drive. Tx
210 Nm Grimoire 2 Activate on a Burst. Restore +4MP to the wielder's allies. Tx
190 Nm Grimoire 2 Roll +2 potency dice. Tx
200 Nm Grimoire 2 Refresh a Quick ability for an ally. Tx
210 Book of Blades Grimoire 1 Until the end of battle, anytime the wielder is struck by an attack, immediately True Strike the attacker for 5 physical damage. Tx
200 Nm Grimoire 1 Until the end of the round, anytime an ally generates momentum, you may choose to immediately destroy it and True Heal them or yourself for +10HP. Tx
220 Twisted Mirror Orb 2 The Spell effects an additional target. The world on the other side is subtly wrong.
180 Nm Orb 2 Generates an extra Pin, Rush, Launch and Recovery momentum. Tx
200 Nm Orb 2 Generates an extra Air+5, Water+5, Fire+5 or Earth+5 momentum. Tx
210 Nm Orb 1 Cleanse or dispel a single status from each actor in the target's group. Tx
180 Nm Orb 2 Activate one of the abilities combos without using any momentum. Tx
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