GM picks a distance and lays out a gauge for it

Players or GM pick travel actions, framing vignettes (which might be skill checks, general obstacles, encounters, or simply moments of reflection) that fill up the gauge
travel actions are all general sorts of scenes-you-might-see-in-a-travel-montage
(you pick a fight when you want to have a fight! you pick a skill check when you want to do a skill check! they have discrete consequences!)

I'm sleepy but I'll work on this over time…

travel actions:

skill-checky ones:

Charting a Course

You consider and discuss the road ahead…
Roll Navigation.
For each success, you and the GM both choose a travel action, representing something ahead.
Next invocations of chosen travel actions this expedition are worth +1 Progress.
On a failure, there's two Unforseen Dangers ahead - the GM will, sometime during this expedition, secretly change the nature of a declared travel action. (_As in, it won't be what you picked._)

Blazing a Trail

You cut your way through brush.
Roll Survival, spending successes:
- You mark 1 progress.
- You mark 1 progress, and skillchecks associated with the next travel action are at +1 die.
- You mark 1 progress and are Wearied.

A Difficult Climb

There's no way forward but up, and the going is hard.
Roll Strength, spending successes:
- The climb is careful: no one drops an item from their pack, where it's lost below.
- The climb is sure: No one slips and hurts themselves, taking a Wound (10).
- The climb is well-paced: You aren't Wearied.
If you make at least one success, Gain 3 Progress and a view from a great height, surveying that which lies ahead.

A Precarious Crossing

You lead a treacherous path over peril - rushing water, or a sharp fall.
Everyone 10 Weight or above, or with all their item slots full, roll Agility.
Characters that have full packs and are above 10 weight need two successes, others need 1.
Those that fail fall into danger - they may need rescuing, suffer a bad condition, or both.
Gain 3 Progress and breathe a sigh of relief - the party recovers from Distracted.

A Choice of Paths
A Grueling March
Making Camp

ones with options to just be insert-scenes:

Waiting out the Storm

You take shelter against bad weather.
Choose: Tell stories to pass the time, or stew in silence, rolling Determination.
On a failure, you're Wearied.
Either way, the weather shifts to normal and you make 1 Progress.

A Moment of Wonder
Looking Back


You assess what just happened - and assign blame.
Choose after a Travel Action resulted in failure. Discuss who's to blame.
If it's a party member, roll Coercion. If it's outside forces, roll Charm.
Count successes and restore that much LP to whoever led that travel action.

Navigating by the Stars

You lead the way by the stars in the sky.
Roll Lore, naming a constellation for each success, up to three.
Muse briefly about them.
For each one, make 1 Progress.

++++Dodging Patrols
There's enemies in the region - you slow down and proceed carefully.
Roll Stealth, and move carefully.
If you get no successes, you're caught, and fight.
Spend successes after the first:
- You steal supplies, finding 1d3 ordinary items. (One is probably a Potion.)
- You uncover a bit of intelligence.
Either way, make 1 Progress.

Signs of Hardship
Signs of the Past

Things which are often fights:

A Daring Rescue

A fellow traveler is under attack!
If you fight off their attackers, receive news of what's ahead, gratitude, a token gift of an ordinary item.
Either way, make 1 Progress.

A Blockade

Travel is stopped by armed force.
Submit to their demands or fight your way through.
Make 2 Progress.

Runts in the Supplies

They got into your food!
Lose 1d6 rations and deal with a pack of weak enemies.
Make 2 Progress.

Signs of a Monster

A quiet in the air, scars left in its wake.
Roll Survival and count successes:
0: Ambushed by a difficult enemy.
1: Pursued by a difficult enemy.
2: Learn about a difficult enemy from its tracks.
Make 2 Progress.

Evading a Pursuer

Something's chasing you. Can you lose them?
Propose a means of losing your pursuer and make a skill check to do so. Then, choose an ally to do the same, repeating.
When you count seven successes in total among these checks, lose your pursuer.
If a roll comes up with no successes, be caught by a difficult enemy.
Make 4 Progress.

… I'll keep thinking them up…

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