Each class is pretty different from the others, and tend to focus on different play styles or types of actions and roles they take during battle. Many of them also have slightly unique mechanics specific to that class alone, and some can be a bit more complex than others as a result of that. Below is a table of all the classes, ranked in order of least complicated to most complicated, to help guide you. Below that the classes are listed in alphabetical order, with a brief description of what sorts of things they do.

Complexity Table

Low, and fairly direct: Ace, Ironclad, Maverick
Light, usually with a single gimmick: Sage, Shifter, Stigma Blade, Warlock
Medium, tends to require a bit more attention paid: Gear-head, Golemologist, Magus, Mystic
High, with a lot of interlinking parts and options: Agent, Elementalist, Weapon Master

How To Read Abilities

[T] (1) Hero Saber (2): 4MP (3). 80CoS (4). Deal weapon damage to a single target, then True Heal the Ace for +10 HP. (5) M-Recovery. (6)
Field (7): Restores 12 HP to the Ace.
C Rush (8): True Heal an ally for +10 HP, as well.
C Earth (8): Change the damage from physical to supreme, and gain +4 damage potency.

1) Ability tags. Techniques are marked with a [T], while Spells are marked with a [S]. Overdrives with [OD], and Dazed abilities with [D]. [Q] for Quicks, and [P] for passives. Other potential tags are class specific.
2) The name of the ability.
3) The ability's MP cost.
4) The ability's chance of success.
5) The effect text of the ability, which lets you know if it deals damage or heals, any statuses it might cause, or any other potential other effects.
6) The type of Momentum that using the ability generates.
7) Any effect the ability has out of battle. Typically only healing abilities will have a Field effect listed, though there are exceptions.
8) Combo options. The listed C Momentum is the type needed to activate that particular bonus effect for the combo, and each C Momentum is tied to a different combo effect.

Ace - An elite of the battlefield, a hero that strikes with fearless persistence.

A dependable fighter with a broad toolkit.
- Power: A diverse toolkit of strong hits.
- Heroic: Defeats enemy tricks and self-heals, eventually supporting allies too.

Agent - A professional that blends melee and gun strikes.

An attacker with potent combo finishers and nasty statuses.
- Crowd Control: Randomly execute gun attacks after melee attacks, spreading the hurt around.
- Sniper: Gain tremendous power from combo strikes, bringing down any target.

Elementalist - A weaver of manna, healing and cursing.

A healer that randomly draws on Essence, storing it. Essence can be spent on a very large variety of damaging quicks.
- Soft Like Rain: Heals allies while generating elemental momentum.
- Furious like a Storm: Constantly curses and damages enemies, even while healing.

Gear-head - A brilliant gunsmith

A ranged attacker with a custom gun that continues to modify them, even in battle.
- Gunner: You design your own special gun, even bringing attachments online mid-battle.
- Bullet-Counter: You have to watch your ammo, but can deliver impressive finishing blows.

Golemologist - An inventor with a golem backing you up.

A side-kick equipped healer.
- Paired: You have a Golem backing you up - fuel it to unleash its power.
- Flexible: An all-rounder. Between you and your golem, there's no base you can't cover.

Ironclad - A heavily armored, unstoppable force of war.

A solid-steel tank with the firepower to match.
- Solid: Brute force and dependable defense for self and allies.
- Gadgets: Control and suppress enemies with a utility kit - including the famous grappling hook.

Magus - An esoteric sorcerer that welds magic words together to form spells.

A multi-purpose caster with a little bit of everything - especially nasty statuses.
- Curses: Inflict all the worst statuses with long durations, right from the get-go.
- Hermit: Bad at combos. Instead, gets bonuses by charging power from cast spells, then expending it on a "Termination".

Maverick - A slippery, daring attacker, flitting about before striking a finishing blow.

A support attacker with an emphasis on speed.
- Tricky: Manipulates initiative and targeting, dodging and weaving.
- Friendly: Hands out bonuses and helps out allies.

Mystic - Wielding the power of nature, a holy archer that purifies evil.

An elemental caster that can support the party as well, but bad at chain casting the same spells.
- Wide Range Blaster: Attacks in four elements, striking multiple targets with each.
- Shooter: Uses firearms to activate secondary effects left by their spells.

Sage - A powerful magician that juggles weapons and healing, as well as light and darkness, with ease.

The game's signature healer.
- Healer: Everything you want from a healer, in spades.
- Plans Ahead: Weapon attacks grant benefits to later spells.

Shifter - A shadowy mystic that strikes from beyond space and time.

A tricky combatant that flits in and out of the front lines.
- Slippery: Defend, self-heal, escape, dispel. You're almost impossible to catch.
- Fatal: Strike from the shadows to inflict terrible damage after biding your time.

Stigma Blade - A knight of catastrophe, equally skilled with sword and spell.

Stigma Blade
A terror with the weapon skills and magic other classes only dream of.
- Peerless: Combos? Who needs em. You bring on the apocalypse with unsurpassed raw power.
- At A Cost: Your MP runs dry easy. And when it does…

Warlock - A loose cannon of a sorcerer that gets flashier and flashier, until the Witching Hour strikes.

A straightforward spell-caster.
- Powerful: Dead simple elemental toolkit. Go wild.
- Powerful: After hitting a weakness, spells upgrade into Witch Mode, becoming even more powerful until your next Overdrive!

Weapon Master - Legends tell of four-armed war-saints, leaving havoc in their wake.

Weapon Master
You carry a multitude of weapons, assigning a different stance to each, adapting on the fly.
- Master of War: You have a very wide variety, and every combat tool you could need.
- Four Stances: You carry many weapons with ease, and have a reason to use all of them.

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