Charms a small slips of paper, each blessed with a different boon from the Gods. Charms provide passive, always on benefits that serve a wide range of functions, as long as its equipped and charged.

Charms have no weight cost.

All the accessories listed below are C Grade! They are also fairly common items, and can be bought with BASIC store access!

Gold Cost Charm Effect Description
Offerings - Offerings grant bonus effects by entreating saints, ancestors, angels, and spirits.
20 Shark's Charm You gain +5 Critical. Made up of a tooth from each row of teeth from a single shark.
10 Slayer's Charm When you spend LP on an ability, gain +1 Potency per LP with it. This scorpion tail must be steeped in blood or wine to reach the slayer.
10 Maiden's Charm When you spend LP, recover +3HP per LP. Strings of wooden rings, oiled with vanilla, are sacred to the maiden.
50 Youth's Charm After finishing a battle in which you spent at least 1 LP, recover 1 LP. Charms to the youth come in many forms, but none respond to anything but a pyre of schoolbooks.
20 Legion's Charm When performing a combo, recover +2HP. A key-chain of bullets and frequent donations to the war-widow's fund mark those who seek the assistance of the legion.
20 Majesty's Charm Missing no more than 10 HP: gain +2 potency with damage and healing rolls. This charm stops shining if it's been too long since jewels have been added to it.
10 Rat's Charm When you're at 20 HP or lower: +1 Drive on your turn. Of course Rat's a lucky spirit. But she eats her own.
15 Crane's Charm Anytime an enemy attack targets you, then misses: gain +1 Drive. A kaleidoscope of folded paper, fed by teeth. Children sometimes make one by accident.
20 Destiny's Charm Ignore incoming Scratch damage. Made from a fragment of a mirror that was capable of seeing into the future.
30 Gunner's Charm When reloading: Next attack with that firearm, +3 potency. All the same parts as a gun, put together nonsensically. Bullets loaded into it can't be retrieved.
40 Fountain's Charm If you were damaged since last action: +1 MP on your turn. A gourd-like bottle with no opening. Voices echo inside it.
20 Rushing Knight's Charm +2 Potency when comboing with Rush. Ad-otoo is a three-headed, nigh-forgotten god of battle.
20 Pinning Knight's Charm +2 Potency when comboing with Pin. Ad-otoo blesses tokens of victorious knights in tournaments and jousts.
20 Launching Knight's Charm +2 Potency when comboing with Launch. Anyone beloved by one of Ad-otoo's heads is hated by the other two. The proud fall quickly.
20 Air Prince's Charm +2 Potency when comboing with Air. Once, four princes used great magic to leave their bodies.
20 Water Prince's Charm +2 Potency when comboing with Water. Their tools and relics are infused with some of their power.
20 Fire Prince's Charm +2 Potency when comboing with Fire. They reward those who deliver reagents to them, through these tools, with magic power.
20 Earth Prince's Charm +2 Potency when comboing with Earth. In hopes of one day returning to the world, and conquering it.
Wards - Wards weaken elemental magic by keeping ambient elemental spirits and demons away.
30 Red-Glass Charm Reduce incoming fire damage by 3. A charm studded with red beads, showing fire devils being tortured, to scare them off.
30 Blue-Glass Charm Reduce incoming water damage by 3. A charm studded with blue beads, showing water devils sleeping in, to make water devils want to do something else.
30 Violet-Glass Charm Reduce incoming air damage by 3. A charm studded with violet beads, showing the mother of air devils, to make air devils ashamed of their actions.
30 Green-Glass Charm Reduce incoming earth damage by 3. A charm studded with green glass beads, showing an earth devil in a suggestive pose, to distract earth devils from their magic.
Tokens - Tokens grant status protections. No one knows who they're actually sacred to.
30 Shattered Charm K/E-Shatter protection. A charm that was ripped and stitched back together. None can tell who it depicts.
30 Burnt Charm Burning protection. A charm made of pressed ash. Utterly illegible.
30 Chilled Charm Chill protection. A charm frozen in eternal ice. You can almost see the design through it…
30 Shocked Charm Shock protection. A charm that was struck by lightning. It's a miracle it was salvaged.
30 Faltered Charm K/E Falter protection. A charm long faded by sunlight. Countless prayers have been said over it.
30 Rotted Charm Toxin protection. A charm blackened by rot, long forgotten.
30 Cursed Charm Curse protection. A charm written on hex paper.
30 Confused Charm Taunt/Challenge protection. An incoherently drawn charm. Despite that, it's still magical.
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