Attributes can be thought of as unique passive abilities that can only be taken at character generation. Generally speaking they're not particularly powerful, but they can help reinforce character traits or fighting styles.
Select TWO options from the list below.

Vitality: +20 Max HP. Recover 10 HP upon winning a battle.
Will: +10 Max MP. Recover 5 MP upon winning a battle.
Steadfast: +20 Max HP / +10 Max MP.
Tough: When you recover HP using your Endurance passive ability, recover +10 HP more per LP.
Lucky: +3 Max LP

Bravery: Gain +2 Drive upon winning a battle.
Deep Pockets: +1 Item Slot.
Awareness: When calculating starting initiative, -4 from your roll/weight.
Experienced: You're 1 level higher than your experience level says you are. Keep track of your EXP normally, but learn abilities early!

True-Hearted: Your True Strikes and True Heals gain +2 potency.
Showstopper: Your Overdrives gain potency. If it's single target, +5. If it targets multiple combatants, +2 instead. Unlike most things that increase potency, this effect works on Overdrives that grant Barriers or Bubbles, too!

Zealous: When you Burst, roll an additional die.
Perceptive: Whenever you hit an elemental weakness with a Spell, deal an additional +2 damage.

Sharp: +10 Critical.
Iron-Fist: Your fist is as strong as a weapon. It deals 1d6+6 damage, rather than 1d4+2.
Agile: Increase the damage die when using weapons by one size, Additionally, anytime you miss with a Technique, Scratch for 1+(Weapon's WGT/2) damage. (Or in the case of Batons, add 1 to its Scratch damage value)

Collected: Quicken 3 when defending.
Vigor: True Heal +10HP yourself when defending.
Level Headed: Whenever you defend, you can generate a single momentum of any type you wish.
Patient: Whenever you defend, you deal +3 damage in the following round.

Team-Spirit: Whenever you generate momentum, it's +1.
Combo Master: Whenever you activate a combo, the ability gains +2 potency.
Cunning: Whenever you activate a combo, regain +2MP.

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