Armor provides passive, reliable benefits when equipped, mainly defensive in nature.

All armor incurs a weight penalty.

Gold Cost Armor Weight Cost Properties
20 Light Armor 2WGT Start battles with a Bubble (5). Gain +10 Max HP.
30 Back Pack 2WGT Gain +1 Item Slot. Gain +10 Max MP.
30 Medium Armor 4WGT Reduce incoming physical damage by 3. Gain +15 Max HP.
40 Mana Tank 4WGT Recover +5MP at the end of each battle. Gain +15 Max MP.
40 Heavy Armor 6WGT Reduce incoming physical damage by 5. Gain +20 Max HP.


Armor effects are passive, always on effects.

The listed armor are all C Grade! They're a bit harder to find in stores though, and requires PREMIUM store access.

Gold Cost Name Armor Type Magic Effect Description
220 Chrysalis Cloak Light Gain +2HP anytime you're healed. Ultra-light armor made from the shed skin of a monstrous butterfly.
200 Battle Shawl Light K/E-Falter Protection. Light armor, designed underneath a patterned poncho.
220 Demon's Guise Light Start battles with Short K/E/H-Power. No two bones in this armor are from the same beast.
200 Sealed Suit Light Reduce incoming air damage by 3. Sleek, glossy black armor. Perfectly insulated.
200 Doctor's Coat Back Pack +1 Item Slot, for Battle Items only. Each pocket is carefully enchanted to protect the glass phials within.
220 Trader's Pack Back Pack +2 Item Slots, for Goods&Tools only. A heavy pack. Nothing is more satisfying than setting it down at the end of a voyage.
220 Spell Battery Back Pack Recover +3MP after each successful battle. Linked blue capacitors stud this cloak, humming with power.
200 Druid's Coat Back Pack Reduce incoming earth damage by 3. Beasts seem pacified by its scent.
200 Unstoppable Medium K/E-Shatter Protection. Chainmail designed for the Hundred. Much of it has been melted down.
200 Dragonhunter Medium Burning Protection. Fireproof, smoke-protected armor. Design was trial and error.
200 Holdout Mail Medium +1 Item Slot, which can only be used by a weapon or implement. The secret holster is spring-loaded.
200 Demesne Mail Medium Reduce incoming fire damage by 3. Armor in which devils once dwelled. The scent still clings.
220 Regenerative Coil Mana Tank When your elemental weakness is struck, recover +3MP. Channels elemental surges back into its battery.
200 Thermal Pack Mana Tank Chill protection. One persons' poorly designed heat sink is another persons' comfort.
200 Last Drop Mana Tank When you use an ability that consumes MP and are brought to 10MP or less, it gains +3 potency. Sensors monitor personal mana levels and adjust output accordingly, with the goal of getting you home.
200 Spirit Tap Mana Tank You may spend Drive as if it were MP. A 'black-box' tech that seems to draw mana from nowhere.
200 Unicorn Armor Heavy Toxin Protection Heavy mail adorned in the fashion of a unicorn.
200 Fortress Mail Heavy When you Defend, take -10 damage instead of -5. You may Slow 1 yourself if desired, as well. Impossibly massive, yet somehow wearable mail. The designer was killed by the commissioner, fearing the thought of a world where battle held no risk.
200 Carapace Mail Heavy Anytime you're Slowed or Pushed, you gain +2 potency on your next action. Every design is different, each a trophy of some slain ferocity.
200 Holy Armor Heavy Reduce incoming water damage by 3. Sacred armor that consumes darkness.
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