Accessories are small little trinkets that provide small little one per battle effects.

When you have an Accessory equipped, you gain access to its Quick Ability, and can use it in battle.

Accessories have no weight cost.

All the accessories listed below are C Grade! They are also fairly common items, and can be bought with BASIC store access!

Gold Cost Accessory [Q] Quick Ability Description
30 Barrier Ring The user gains a Barrier (4). A thirteen-piece ring, all interlocked, each of a different material.
30 Shield-Shroud The user gains a Bubble (6). A cloak enchanted with a magic shield. The tie-cords activate it.
30 Amber Bead The user is True Healed for +6HP. A sprig from an ancient tree, trapped in amber.
40 Jet Bead The user recovers +4MP. Mounted in the style of mourning jewelry.
25 Tiger Bracelet The users rolls +1 die with their action this turn. A flashy bracelet. The inscription reads 'seize the dream'.
30 Lion Bracelet The users gains +4 potency with their action this turn. A solid bracelet. The inscription reads 'courage in adversity'.
40 Lightning in a Bottle The user gains +2 Drive. Rubber-stoppered, thunders when shaken.
25 Dragon Feather The user Quicken 2s. This one's a fake, but the magic's a good imitation of the real thing.
40 Second Hand Select a single of your abilities, and refresh its ability to combo. A relic salvaged from an ancient clock.
30 Soldier's Beads Generate a single momentum from one of the following types: Rush, Launch, Pin, Recovery. Passed on to survivor from the fallen, with another bead added on every trip home.
30 Mystic's Beads Generate a single momentum from one of the following types: Earth, Fire, Air, Water. Prayer beads favored by mystics. Traditionally, carved wood. Sometimes, arrow-heads.
20 Scout Boots The user immediately Dash or Retreat into the opposite row. Carefully fitted, broken-in boots. An old folk tale holds that all actually comfortable boots are the dwellings of spirits.
25 Unbroken Mirror The user gains Short Lucky. A brooch in the style of a glassless mirror.
25 Medicine Relic The user gains Short Stalwart. A phylactery containing one of the original 10,000 pages from the Treatise on Pharmacology.
30 Yrrings The user gains Short Absorb [Select One Of: Earth, Fire, Air, Water]. Jewelry favored by the spirits of the forest. The gems are fake, of course.
25 Wrought Clover Until the start of your next turn, double the value from your LP expenditures and ignore all Scratch damage. A brooch made by wiring an emerald leaf to a preserved clover. For those that make their own luck.
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