Skills in Seed.2

Okay so skills in seed 2 are named and binary. You buy them like abilities. Every skill has

1. Something you JUST DO, which determines the scope for the actions you can do, and can always do, without having to argue about it.
2. Something you can SOMETIMES DO, which define a special ability you can activate in certain circumstances by spending Luck. Sometimes these have battle effects!


Normally in Seed.2 when you try to do something you either succeed (it's something you can do) or you fail (it's something that's not reasonable for you to do.) If you ask the GM if something is reasonable for you to do, it has to be answered honestly!

Sometimes, however, there may be a Skill Check.
A skill check can happen in one of two situations:

1. A named opponent, an Ace, has made things especially difficult for you.
2. If no opponent is present, the GM can state that your opponent in this task is Fate.

A skill check is a result check with a default CoS of 40. If your skill applies, you get +20.

You can increase this by wagering Luck - For each Luck you wager, increase the CoS by 10, to a maximum of 90. If you pass the roll, you keep the luck. If you fail the roll, you lose it.

If you're offered a skill check, but you don't wish to suffer the consequences of failure, you can always back down and refuse the check. However, this also means you don't succeed in the task.


If your allies are in position to help, and have a skill applicable to the fashion in which they're helping, they can assist you by bidding Luck. This increases the CoS in the same fashion as wagering luck, except they only pay out on a success.


If a roll has been failed, and someone attempts to do something to quickly erase the consequence or make up for it, they can do so by making another skill check. This skill check's CoS begins at 0. (+20 with applicable skill - and it doesn't have to be the same one that was used for the failed check)


Every Ace exerts Pressure. Pressure is the CoS penalty to all rolls made against them. Pressure can be 0, or even negative if the enemy is sort of bumbling and incompetent.


On a success, reduce the enemy Ace's pressure by 10. This penalty lasts until your next combat with them.
They also immediately lose one LP!
If you succeed against Fate, your actions have +10% potency in the next battle, instead.
If you used a skill, you might be able to do something nasty to your opponent with it right now, too.

On a failure, increase the enemy Ace's pressure by 10. This increase lasts until your next combat with them.
If their LP is less than their maximum, restore it by 1. They also inflict a condition to you, according to their stat block.
If you fail against Fate, you take +10% damage in the next battle - things aren't going your way.

The GM can choose to assign a consequence other than the usual one for the opponent, in a special situation. However, they cannot choose to assign no consequence!


Assign an Ace a pressure value based on their importance in the world.

Also, pick them a consequence - an effect that kicks in when they succeed a check against you. Some of these are nastier than others!


When this Ace succeeds on a check, they have a chance to better marshal their forces, and gain a stack of Reinforcements - whenever a non-named monster under its command, they can spend stacks of reinforcements to have a replacement instantly arrive on scene, with 25% HP for each stack of reinforcements used. This is a revive effect.


When this Ace succeeds on a check, their forces take heart, and gain a stack of Hope - whenever a monster under its command desires, they can spend stacks of Hope to regain 2 MP or 2 LP per stack.


When this ace succeeds on a check, they marshal unearthly power, and gain a stack of Divinity - whenever a monster under its command desires, they can spend a stack of Divinity to become invulnerable (1).

Hell Vigor

When this ace succeeds on a check, they marshal unearthly power, and gain a stack of Hell Vigor - whenever a monster under its command desires, they can spend a stack of Hell Vigor to inflict +100% damage (1).


When this Ace succeeds on a check, they hound your every move, and gain a stack of Shadowy - at any time during a battle, the Ace can spend a stack of Shadow to take an action as if it were in that battle.


When this Ace succeed on a check, they can lay a curse on you - you take 50 damage whenever you're struck by an attack in the next battle (U).


Failing when this Ace is around leaves you in pain - your actions have their delay increased by +5D in the next battle. (U)


Sometimes direct is best. When you fail a skill check against this Ace, the Ace can choose to inflict 100 damage to you, instantly.


Failing to this ace hurts you deep inside - your action have -10 CoS in the next battle (U).


Slipping up around this ace tends to leave you sickened - you lose 50 HP after each of your actions in the next battle (U).


When you make a mistake, you end up in the Ace's sights - you gain a timer (5) in the next battle. When it ticks 0, you suffer a strike for 400 damage. Choose physical or magical when this consequence is chosen. This strike ignores defense factors, but not other sources of damage reduction.


The Ace's demesne springs to life - in the next battle, all monsters gain an enhancement that reduces their action delays by -10D. (U)

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