Seed 2! The high concept, doesn't-quite-work-well-in-play follow up to Seed, designed for more general fantasy and handling things a lot differently.

We sort of never really got around to really… writing up everything in a complete and easy to read way, so a lot of it probably still looks like notes, or might just assume you already know how it works since it's sort of based on S1's foundation, though I think it's more or less playable with what's here. We changed more stuff in the combat chapter than I remembered!

Party Perks

MCS Notes



One look, one word, one cut - and the battlefield is changed.
The Commando is a skillful leader, directing the situation as it develops.
Set up the game-board, know the pieces, and the path to victory becomes clear.

Your abilities will include…
In-Fight - Technical strikes to lead the party and control the battle.
Attack Plan - Decisive attacks, as long as your crew follows your lead.
Operations - Time-marker based magic. Defeat the enemies with perfect timing.
Recovery - Healing effects that end when the target is struck. Protect the wounded!
Assist Ace - Abilities that turn your ally's assists into perfect kill shots.


Courage, strength, cunning, ferocity - a combatant with anything and everything the battle needs.
The Fighter is an efficient, straight-forward combatant and a master of hand-to-hand combat.
You'll know better than anyone in the world what it means to fight.

Your abilities will include…
Combat Skill - Workhorse abilities that increase your damage output.
Duelist - Technical abilities that let you grab or shed enemy attention.
Guardian - Support abilities for protecting your allies and yourself.
Flare - Powerful spells that can be instantly cast after striking an enemy.
Shelter - Straight-forward healing abilities coupled with damage benefits.


A shadow that shows monsters what it means to be prey, whether by wits or witchcraft.
The Hunter inflicts a bevy of nasty conditions to harm and limit enemies, then moves in for the kill.
Walk softly. Strike quickly.

Your abilities will include…
Wicked Strikes - A suite of barbs and binding abilities to weaken and corral enemies.
Finishing Skill - The amazing True Strike ability, that finishes weakened enemies off with incredible power.
Rescue - Abilities for pulling allies out of danger, often by rushing straight into it yourself.
Shine - Recovery abilities that spend your own HP.
Enchantment - Skills to magically attack by enhancing your allies weapons.
Hexes - Spells that punish enemies for attacking with insidious curses.


A bastion of honor and chivalry. Evil will go no further.
The Knight is an agile fencer that actively defends the party.
What will you protect?

Your abilities will include…
Combat Art - A weapon art for disarming, deterring, and driving back opponents.
Execution - A suite of powerful abilities for punishing enemies that forget about your footing.
Block - Three quick abilities for defending yourself from enemies, and tools to help you use them.
Light - Spells that attack with radiant light. They tend to make life easier for healers in your party.
Roses - Spells that attack with entangling roses, along with a pair of healing abilities. They're tightly bonded to the fate of your allies.


Calm, patient, always efficient. Some say "genius", others say "machine".
A master of momentum, the Mediator redirects damage and sustains allies with self-assured grace.
Level the playing field, then tip the scales!

Your abilities will include…
Dispersal - Defense abilities that redirect damage around among your allies, spreading it out to ensure no one gets too low.
Planning - Regeneration effects and Quick-based instant heals. High-efficiency tools for keeping the battle under control.
Adversity - Breakout attack techniques that specialize in high damage in bad situations. Don't let the party falter!
Re-Evaluation - Magic attacks that diversify and broaden your Planning toolkit.


da derp

Your abilities will include…
Edge Skills - physical attacks with variable results, but stacked in your favor.
Image Arts - creates physical time effects that can be used to absorb attacks instead of deal damage.
Conjuration - Time Effect based offensive magic.
Familiar Spirits - creates separately controlled targets that support the party independently of the Oracle.
Play Dice With the Universe - an assortment of monster based skills and randomized buffs.


A scientist of sorcery! A theurge of therapy!
The Sage is a support-focused class with a vast range of support and healing magic, and a suite of unique quick abilities that let you modify your spells on the fly.
Go on - let the world know your class is in session.

Your abilities will include…
Sagacity - Direct healing and cleansing abilities, along with Quick abilities to benefit them.
Majesty - A physical attack suite for the front-row Sage, with some abilities to draw enemy ire.
Light - Fast-casting magical attacks that place conditions for your allies to trigger.
Barriers - Magic focused on damage mitigation using enhancements and conditions.


As a river flows -
The Samurai shifts also.
Ebbing, freezing, thaw!

Your abilities will include…
Fire - Physical and magical strikes that lead into other abilities.
Earth - Decisive strikes and stances to withstand any attack.
Sky - Magical attacks and self-healing.
Wind - Tricky magic and healing for multiple targets.
Water - Healing that energizes allies, and combat arts that draw attention.


Chemistry, machinery, medicine - The science of the battlefield is a problem with many solutions.
The Technician uses items and machinery for a high-cost, high-reward combat style.
Prove your strategies in the kiln of battle.

Your abilities will include…
Engineering - Physical attack abilities that continually build and upgrade a weapon of war.
Medicine - Item-dependent healing abilities for the chemist in you.
Detonate - Powerful, high cost attack magic that turns items into weapons.
High Gear - Support skills for boosting ally attack power.
Alchemy - A suite of abilities for creating powerful special items.


A slippery character with an answer for everything, except maybe "what will you do next?"
The Thief is a tricky, all-around tough customer with solid options for techniques, spells, and support.
Ready to steal the spotlight?

Your abilities will include…
Advantage - Attacks that seize brief opportunities in the battle to inflict critical damage.
Direct - Support abilities for controlling enemy targeting and ally initiative.
Theft - Skills for supplying items to your party, and boosts of speed when you need it.
Rainy Day - Recover abilities that create standing effects that trigger later in the battle when you need them.
Shadow Skill - Tricky spell attacks that draft off of the attacks of others, ally and enemy.
Force Skill - Flashy yet simple spell attacks for thieves that want to blast away.


A sly magician, master of time, space, and a few clever card tricks.
The Trickster wields technical sorcery that distorts the flow of battle.
…and you'll never guess what's in the mystery box!

Your abilities will include…
Gate Magic - Twist space to attack enemies and defend yourself.
Time Magic - Attack magic that plays with time and costs.
Illusion Magic - Be the center of attention with these enemy-controlling spells!
Refresh - A reaction-based healing suite.
Sleight of Hand - Strangely timed physical attacks well suited to technical plays.


If you're still standing at the end, you've won.
That's the law of the Vanguard.
Burn and break everything in sight, and when the dust clears - still be there.

Your abilities will include…
All In - Take on risk to amp damage.
Devastation - Physical strikes: seize the weakest link and crush it.
Vengeance - Dish out payback with magical assaults.
Shielding - Barrier magic that absorbs enemy blows.


The dread power known as magic… isn't it time for a demonstration?
The Wizard is a magical attacker with awe-inspiring options for damage and battlefield control.
Wielding power like this, perhaps the word "mortal" no longer applies.

Your abilities will Include…
Fire - Fiery magic that sets targets aflame and punishes those who dare challenge you.
Ice - Magic that slows and degrades enemies in addition to wracking them with frost.
Lightning - Attack magic that reaches the heights of power at any cost.
Conduit - Magic that uses energy from enemies to heal your allies.
Kill - Weapon-based methods that expend Ether to eliminate problems, such as enemies.
Photography - A Scan ability, and a few sneaky ways to use it.

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