Creating your Seed 2 Character

Choose a Class!


There are six attributes:

ATK - Damage with physical attacks.
MAG - Damage with Spells.
WIL - Restorative and support power.
VIT - Health.
STM - Reserve of MP.
LUC - Determines initiative in battle and grants a reserve of Luck, which can be spent to benefit actions.

Each attribute begins at 6.
Each character has 12 points to spend to increase them, up to a maximum of 10.

Your character has:

200 + VIT x 50 HP.
200 + STM x 50 MP.


Every combatant carries one weapon and one set of armor.

The weapon types are:

Light weapons have 40D and 9PWR and roll a d8 for damage.

Dagger - Inflicts +50% damage with Strike Assists. Once per battle, after hitting with an ability, activate "Power Strike" to increase all weapon damage dealt by that action by +50%.
Tome - Each hit with a Tome increases the potency of your next Spell or Support ability by +20%. Don't expend this bonus on abilities with no power to boost. The boost stacks!
Gloves - Can strike as a 44D PWR 10 weapon or a 47D 11PWR weapon, chosen freely with each strike. Grants 5 Evasion.

Medium weapons have 50D and 12PWR, and roll a d10 for damage.

Axe - Critical 10.
Scimitar - Accuracy 10.
Flail - When using a single target weapon technique against an enemy you targeted last round (or any enemy if the one you previously targeted is untargetable), or after missing, a Flail attack is at -5D. Both of these effects can be in play at once, for -10D when missing a target you've targeted with your last action.
Sword and Shield - Blocks. A total of -40% can be allocated among all attacks you suffer in a battle, in -10% increments.
Staff - Charges 40 T.MP after each hit that you spent no MP on.

Heavy weapons have 60D and 15PWR and roll a d12 for damage.

Spear - Once per battle, when an enemy has targeted you with any kind of ability, hit or miss, you can activate "Impale" to deal 12 x ATK physical damage to the target.
Greatsword - Accuracy 5 and Critical 5.
Bow - Ranged. PWR14.
Hammer - PWR16.

The armor types are:

Mail - Grants Armor 30, reducing damage from all attacks by 30.
Suit - Grants 80 T.HP at the start of each battle. This stacks with other sources of T. HP.
Robe - Grants 80 T.MP at the start of each battle.


Purchase four abilities from your Class.
You start with your choice of the Strike Assist or Spell Assist ability.
You start with the Guard Assist ability.
Grab one weapon and one armor of your choice.

Assist abilities are special Quick abilities that can't be refreshed through any means that does not explicitly say it can refresh Attack or Guard Assists.

You have to rename your Attack Assist when you purchase it, and again when you upgrade it.

Strike Assist

Type: Quick
When Appropriate

Activate the Strike assist when an ally damages an enemy, and no one else has Assisted. You leap into action, striking the target for weapon damage! Unusually, this Quick ability is a Technique and can miss.
CoS: 80

Spell Assist

Type: Quick
When Appropriate

Activate the Spell assist when an ally damages an enemy, and no one else has assisted. You blast the target for 10 x MAG + d12 magical damage. If you spend 60 MP, increase this damage to 18 x MAG + d12. Unusually, this Quick ability is a Spell and can miss.
CoS: 100

Guard Assist

Type: Quick
When Appropriate

Activate the Guard assist when an ally is targeted or damaged by an enemy action. You are now the new target of that action - resolve its effects against you instead. Re-roll no dice that have already been rolled.

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