Player Status Tracker

Hey guys!

Have a 4e Status Tracker.

You need the .NET 3.5 redistributable in order to use it. I'll post a link to it at some point. Or someone else can, that's cool too!

BAM have some redistributable

Type in statuses currently affecting you, hit 'Update'. Then, every time it's your turn, hit 'Take Turn'. Except if there's a Corsair and they use Winning Streak.

Say you're blinded, and then you get cured by something. Maybe some eyedrops. Just delete the current counter value and hit update, and everything should work fine!

If you have any questions or wanna report a bug, pester Teak in #dockingbay.


`Behemoth Flute` MCS Helper v0.7.1

Hey guys!

Have a 4e MCS Helper utility! There are a number of known issues right now. They will be listed below, or possibly on a different page (original location), if the list gets too long.

I am almost 100% confident that the utility is MCS-accurate and rules-legal; if you run into any problems or if anything crashes, alert Teakwood. Note that the spreadsheet containing all available abilities is still under construction.

The current version of grimoire.csv can be located here (original location); select File > Download As… > Comma Seperated Values, save as grimoire.csv in the same folder to which you unzipped the MCS Helper (which should have a copy, perhaps outdated, of the grimoire.)

This requires the .NET 3.5 redistributable in order to run; there's a link included directly above. A non .NET reliant version may or may not be forthcoming, depending on demand.

Please unzip both 4e MCS.exe and FileHelper.dll to the same folder before trying to run the MCS Helper. If you do not do this, then the world will explode in a fireball and/or Teakwood will laugh at you.


mIRC Player Tracker

A very apt tracker, tracks HP/MP, allows all sorts of damage to be done, calculates your added armor/M.Armor from Fringeward and Unscarred, defense modifiers AND tracks your status effects, including a big button for Winning Streak. It also saves and loads character based on your current nickname and clears the status and durations and saves your characters at end of battle with the End Battle button. Also, menus!
Simply Copy/Paste the code into your Remote tab, or download the file and open it with your mIRC. Start it up with /seedtracker!

Advanced version for the SeeD Tracker! Starts up with /treetracker. Currently the only added feature is tracking LP, it tracks your LP with perfection, you can tell it what level of limit you want to use (to the right of the Limit Execute button), what type of limit charge you have, output limit line ONLY if you have a max LP bigger than 0 and won't allow you to try to use wacky limit levels like anything different from 1~5. Also, if you have an alias named /seedlimit it will execute it when you press Limit Execute, thus, you execute your limit alias with the tracker itself. Now with character Save and Load functions tied to your current nickname, as well as the same End Battle as the base tracker!
mIRC Tree Tracker


Standalone Player Tracker

Much like the above, only it doesn't rely on mIRC. Consequently, it won't do /say for you, but it does automatically copy the status report text to the clipboard. Yell at Mokura if something goes wrong, or if you have a suggestion.
Mora Player Tracker; (original location)

GM Tools

Yamo's Office 2007 SeeD Tracker (original location) version 0.2.43
Office 2003 Version (original location) Version (original location) Note: There is no Rounding option in OpenOffice's Macro system, so the gravity button in the HP Tracker will not calculate properly. Additionally, unless there is demand for this version, it will be stuck at version 0.0.6.
Note, to enable HP bars, you first have to check the checkbox in the status worksheet to enable the option, and then check the use checkbox in the status page for each monster you want the tracker to generate a HP bar for.

JSTools - a Web page to be loaded up on a laptop, smartphone, or what have you before a game. Since all the tools are JavaScript based, and do not communicate with the server, you do not need a network connection during the game to use them. (Though, make sure they work with your browser before relying on them during your game.)


Doman's Seed Engine - Very much a work in progress, but hey! How's that for an interface?

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