Status Effects are special conditions that may be given to a combatant, affecting their performance in combat and shaping the flow of battle, such as Confuse, Protect, or Condemn. Status Effects are separated into negative, harmful statuses, whose abilities bear the "Status" keyword, and beneficial statuses, whose abilities bear the "Enhancement" keyword.

There are also categories of effects which simply bear the "Effect" keyword. These are not statuses - they act only once, and don't remain in effect with a duration, and have no need to be removed - but combatants can gain resistances and possibly immunities to them all the same.

Negative Statuses


The actor is filled with irrational rage, and automatically spends every action they receive performing a basic attack action against a random enemy target with a +25% damage modifier. When Berserk is first applied, any Stances the target was under immediately end. If the actor cannot perform a basic attack, they perform a Wait action instead.
Canceled by: Charm, Confuse.


The actor's sight is somehow obscured - they take on a -30 penalty to the CoS of Weapon and Aimed abilities.


An enemy is directing your actions. Whenever the actor receives a turn, they take it as directed to by one of their enemies. (Typically the enemy that inflicted charm upon them.) Any actor under the effects of Charm cannot use Limit Breaks, Summon Eidolons, or use an Eidolon's Finisher.
Canceled by: Confuse, Berserk, Provoke, Taking damage from a non poison or sap source


The actor's fate is sealed - when Condemn's duration reaches 0 and it expires, the actor is instantly reduced to 0 HP. Condemn's duration may not be affected by abilities or effects.


Flung into a bizarre daze, a Confused actor spends every action they receive performing an attack action against a random target. (Their allies - and themselves - included in consideration!). If the actor cannot perform a basic attack, they perform a Wait action instead.
Canceled by: Charm, Berserk, Taking damage from a non-poison or sap source


Whether they're winded, distracted, or suffering from evil magic, a cursed actor is delayed by 2D whenever they take damage from an ability. (From actions and reactions, but not from statuses such as Poison or Sap.) Multiple hits from a Multi-Hit effect delay a Cursed target only once, though multiple actions from a Multi-Action effect can delay a target once per action. In addition, actions performed by the combatant with a CoS greater than 75 after all other modifiers are reduced to 75 instead.
Canceled by: Vigilance


Weakened, the actor receives a -25% situational modifier to all physical damage they inflict and ATK-based healing they perform.
Canceled by: Bravery


Their magic power reduced, the actor suffers a -25% situational modifier to all magical damage they inflict and MAG-based healing they perform.
Canceled by: Faith


Their defenses ruined, all physical damage against the actor receives a +25% situational modifier.
Canceled by: Protect


Exposed to magic, all magical damage dealt to the actor receives a +25% situational modifier.
Canceled by: Shell

Evasion Down

An actor suffering from Evasion Down has has the CoS on all incoming Weapon and Aimed abilities increased by 10.
Canceled by: Evasion Up, Blink


An Immobilized actor cannot use Movement abilities, such as changing rows or escaping the battle, or Reaction abilities, such as Cup of Life or countering attacks. As well, their "Evasion" property, if present, is sealed.
Canceled by: Evasion Up, Blink


Imperil greatly weakens a target to elemental damage, degrading their properties by one step: Absorbencies become immunities, immunities become resistances, resistances are treated normally, and all the elements the actor was neutral to become weaknesses!
Canceled by: Resist


The actor is unconscious and incapable of acting while having 0 HP. KO can only be removed by Life effects. When they hit initiative 0, they perform an action with no effect with 40D40F. They do not perform reactions, either. Furthermore, the actor cannot be targeted by any actions that are not Life effects.


Lock weakens status resistances. As such, all incoming Status and Effect CoSes are increased by 20.
Canceled by: Veil


The actor is rendered incapable of using Technique actions.


An actor suffering from poison takes damage equal to 20% of their current HP at the end of each of their turns.


When an actor is afflicted by Provoke, they are provoked by another combatant - either an ally of the caster's choice with Decoy or Trick Attack, or the combatant who inflicted the status, in all other cases. A Provoked actor must target either the combatant they are provoked by or themselves, with each and every action they take. Group targeting is acceptable as long as the provoking target or the actor is still included within the group. This target restriction even applies when selecting random targets, such as with "Rapid-Fire", "Meteor" or when Berserked. If the provoking target is KOed, Stoned or leaves the field, the effect of the Provoke status is suppressed until they are once again freely targetable.
Canceled by: Charm


Sap inflicts gradual loss of health. Every time the actor takes an action, they take damage equal to the delay, multiplied by the actor's Tier.


[Ability or Property]: Seal prevents the named support ability or property from functioning. This typically applies to properties like Armor, or to support abilities like Geomancy. Support Abilities that alter how an actor equips things - such as Equip Heavy Weapons or Dual Wield - will never be sealed.


A silent target is incapable of performing Magic actions.


The target sleeps through their actions, automatically taking a 35D 35F action that does nothing whenever their turn comes up. Sleep is canceled by any damage not suffered during the Status phase. The target does not perform reactions.
Canceled by: Taking damage from a non poison or sap source.


Every action performed has it's delay increased by either +20%, or 5D, whichever is larger. Additionally, increase any charge time the action has by +20%. (The CT increase does not have the same +5 minimum that the Delay increase has)
Canceled by: Haste


A actor turned to Stone is immune to all damage, recovery effects, statuses and effects. When Stone is inflicted, all statuses and enhancements are removed as well. When they hit initiative 0, they perform an action with no effect with 40D 40F. They do not perform reactions, either. A monster inflicted with "Stone" may, at the GM's choice, shatter instantly, suffering defeat with no chance of recovery.


Frozen in time, a stopped actor performs an action with no effect with 45D 45F every time their action comes up. The target does not perform reactions.


Toad prevents the use of all actions other than those with the keyword "Status: Toad", Row Shift, Escape, Defend, Wait, or the Toad Attack.
Canceled by: Having the Toad status applied while Toad is already active.

Toad Attack

Type: Action
Technique, Aimed
Target: Single
25D F15

Toad Attack inflicts 1 physical damage. Croak!
CoS: 80


Fundamentally, the actor is a member of the ranks of the undead. Recovery effects, as well as Regen and Refresh, cause the actor to lose health instead of regaining it. This loss of health (or MP) is not damage. However, any effect that would drain their health and grant it to an attacker (like the Drain spell, or any other Drain ability) is reversed - the Zombied target receives health and the attacker loses it. (The attacker's loss of health is also not damage.) As well, Life effects or effects that restore HP equal to the target's max instantly slay them - luckily, if the CoS had been above 50, it is reduced to 50 CoS (but has no effect on the Life effect if it had less than 50 CoS to begin with for some reason), and are treated as if they are Effect: Death for purposes of resistances and immunities. Inversely, a Zombied target struck by a normal Death effect will be restored to their maximum hit point value.



Effects that instantly reduce the target to 0 HP. They fail against targets with the Zombie status, simply recovering their health. Death is not a damage effect.


Effects that increase the target's delay, increasing the time until they can take another action.


Effects that shatter positive statuses. Like the opposite of Esuna, a target struck by a Dispel effect has all their positive statuses canceled. It will briefly strip the effect of auto-statuses until the target acts once more.


Effects that remove the target from the battle - whether it be tossing them far away, or by sucking them into another dimension. Ejected characters can be considered defeated, and will be incapable of participating in the remainder of the battle. It is generally assumed that Ejected player characters can quickly meet up with the party again somehow. Ejected monsters cannot drop any items. Mysteriously, they can still leave Gil behind.


Effects that inflict damage based on a percentage of the target's current HP (or MP), effectively cutting it to a fraction of what it once was. The damage inflicted by Gravity ignores all steps in the damage calculation - situational modifiers, both types of armor, defense factors - it simply reduces health by the amount the action indicates, if successful. A Gravity effect will never reduce a combatant's HP (or MP) to 0, leaving them to 1.


Effects that provide information on the target. When a monster is struck with a Libra effect - typically from the Libra spell, though also available through some equipment - they learn the monster's level, family, rank, difficulty, current and maximum HP and MP values, elemental properties, and status and effect defenses. (Immunities and resistances.) In addition, the GM selects a single other property and reveals it - each additional Libra effect reveals another property.


Effects that reduce the target to single-digit health in a flash. The combatant takes damage sufficient to reduce their HP to its ones digit - if this reduces them to 0 HP, they have 1 HP instead. The damage inflicted by Near-Fatal ignores all steps in the damage calculation, much like Gravity - if a Near-Fatal effect is successful, the health is reduced.


Effects that push targets into another row, changing their position in battle. (They're moved into whatever row they weren't in.)

Positive Enhancements

Accuracy Up

A combatant with Accuracy Up gains two ranks of Accuracy, granting them +10 CoS with Weapon and Aimed abilities.


Strengthens defenses against a certain element, ameliorating the combatant's property towards that element by one step. (Weak -> Normal -> Resistant -> Immune -> Absorbent.)


Surrounded by phantom images, the combatant receives four ranks of Evasion, reducing the CoSes of Weapon and Aimed abilities targeting them by 20.
Canceled by: Evasion Down, Immobilize, Evasion up


Strengthened, the combatant gains a +25% situational modifier to all physical damage they inflict and ATK-based healing they perform.
Canceled by: Debravery


When a target receives Bubble, they double their current and maximum HP values. When Bubble expires or is otherwise removed, they halve their modified current and maximum HP values.

Critical Up

The status grants two ranks of Critical, expanding the critical range by 10.

Dread Spikes

The combatant is shrouded in spikes of darkness drawn from the magic power of the caster. When enemies near, the spikes will surge out to drain health - and while Dread Spikes functions as a pseudo reaction of sorts, it does not count against the reaction limit for the actor bearing the status - so if the actor were hit with a normal melee attack while having the Counter ability equipped, they would first drain health in response due to dread spikes, then roll to see if Counter takes effect. Similarly, dread spikes taking effect will not trigger any reactions from the attacker either. Record the MAG of the granter of the status when this status is granted and use that MAG value for "Dread Spike Surge".

Dread Spike Surge

Type: Special
Target: Single (Triggering Enemy)
Trigger: Being hit by a melee attack that inflicts physical damage

The spikes shrouding you surge out, inflicting 4 x Status Granter's MAG + d6 magical damage. Damage inflicted is drained to the bearer of the status, restoring their health. Dread Spike Surge ignores all statuses on the actor and can trigger regardless of, for example, Sleep, Immobilize, and Stop. It is also not boosted by Faith.
CoS: 100
Adjustment: +2 Power per tier above 1.


The combatant attacks are now bolstered by one of the six elements - any damaging ability which did not already have an element associated with it now deals elemental damage of the same type which was bestowed. Additional, the combatant gains a +25% situational modifier when inflicting damage that was already of the element before En-Element was bestowed. A combatant who was granted En-Fire would deal +25% when casting Firaga; and while their Flare and Basic Attack would also be fire-elemental now, they would not receive the bonus situational damage modifier.
Canceled By: Any other En-Element status. (You may only have one active at a time.)

Element Sword

Element Sword statuses (such as "Fire Sword" or "Water Sword") shroud the actor's weapon in elemental power - as long as the status is active, consider their weapons to be of the element of this status, and not any elements they previously carried. When the actor strikes the matching weakness with a weapon ability, they inflict +100% damage instead of +50%.
Canceled By: Any other "x Sword" status. (You may only have one active at a time.)

Other Sword

Certain Classes also have a few unique abilities such as "Flare Sword", "Osmose Sword" and "Drain Sword". Their effects are stated in the ability text.
Canceled By: Any other "x Sword" status. (You may only have one active at a time.)

Evasion Up

The combatant gains two ranks of Evasion, reducing the CoS of incoming Weapon and Aimed abilities by 10.
Canceled by: Evasion Down, Immobilize, Blink


The combatant gains a +25% situational modifier to all magical damage they inflict and MAG-based healing they perform.
Canceled by: Defaith


The character floats a few inches up in the air, protecting them from Quake and other Ability with the Ground-Based keyword, but rendering them susceptible to Aero.


Quickened, the combatant reduces the delay and charge time of all actions they perform by 20%. Unlike everywhere else in the system, round up after adjusting for haste.(This cannot reduce the delay of actions below the floor.)
Canceled by: Slow


Physical damage striking the target takes on a -25% situational modifier.
Canceled by: Deprotect.


Spells targeting the combatant bounce off and are redirected - resolve their effects against a random target on the other side instead. Spells cannot be redirected more than once, and unless the redirected spell is Multi-Hit, a target can never be struck by a given casting of a spell more than once. (That is, a group spell reflected off a party of five characters will bounce five times, and will strike up to five enemies. If there are only three enemies two bounces will be "wasted" - once a character is targeted by a redirected spell, remove them from random consideration for other redirections.)
Canceled By: Vanish


The target continually regains MP. After every action, they regain MP equal to their SPR score multiplied by their (Tier + 1).


The target continually regenerates HP. After each action, they regain HP equal to (VIT x 4) multiplied by their Tier.


When you receive a turn while KOed, light descends upon you and you are restored to 10% of your max HP as a Life effect. You may then act normally. This effect expends Reraise. Note that Reraise is not removed when the character is KOd, otherwise it could not work.
Canceled by: Effect Activation


A character with Resist is strengthened against all elements, increasing each of their elemental properties by a single step. (Weakness - > Normal -> Resistance -> Immunity -> Absorbency)
Canceled by: Imperil


All magical damage inflicted to the combatant receives a -25% situational modifier.
Canceled by: Deshell


A calming aura grants the combatant focus - all their CoSes receive a +10 bonus.


All techniques targeting a Vanished combatant automatically miss, except actions performed by that combatant. CoSes of Magic actions targeting the combatant increase by +20. If a Vanished combatant is affected by any Magic action, Vanish is canceled.
Canceled By: Any Magic Action, Reflect


Magical shrouds protect the combatant from status effects - all actions targeting them with the keyword "Status" or "Effect" have their CoSes reduced by 20. Additionally. if the combatant does not already have resistance to a status he's struck by, reduce the timer of the inflicted status by (1) as if he did.
Canceled by: Lock


The combatant's reflexes and guard are honed. Whenever an enemy action targeting the combatant has a CoS greater than 75 after all other modifiers, reduce it to 75. As well, the combatant is immune to Delay effects.
Canceled by: Curse

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