Remodeling System


In the Remodeling System, characters carry a certain trademark weapon and armor with them throughout the game, which they can bestow with new power during their journeys using the remnants of fallen monsters.

Each character has a trademark type of weapon and type of armor, with base properties determined by their character at creation. These types - and any others the characters might gain access to through abilities - are specific to the characters, like in most later-series games, and equipment may not be transferred from character to character.


A weapon type has a strength, which determines its damage, delay and floor, and also possesses one or more properties. When a weapon type is created, the player selects Light, Medium, or Heavy - light weapons being the fastest but the least damaging, and heavy weapons being the most damaging but the slowest. Heavy weapons also take two hands to equip, which affects how they interact with some properties and abilities.

A given weapon's damage is equal to [ATK x Power] + dX, with power determined by weapon strength and tier, according to the chart below. As a weapon is remodeled to higher tiers, it inflicts more damage.

Tier Light (d8), 40 Delay, 20 Floor Medium (d10), 50 Delay, 20 Floor Heavy (d12), 60 Delay, 20 Floor
1 6 8 10
2 9 12 15
3 12 16 20
4 15 20 25
5 18 24 30
6 21 28 35
7 24 32 40
8 27 36 45
9 30 40 50
10 33 44 55

Weapon Properties

Light and Medium weapons have two slots for weapon properties, while Heavy weapons have three. These properties are selected from the list below when the weapon type is created. Some properties can only be applied once, while others can be taken multiple times and stacked upon themselves for increased bonuses. These are Inherent Properties: They are properties applied only to strikes with that weapon which bare the Weapon keyword. Any there's any confusion to how exactly a property works, consult the Equipment Properties page for a more detailed explanation.
Note that only Light weapons can be used with Duel Wield, only Medium weapons can be used with Double Hand, and only Heavy weapons can be used with Desperate Blows, and Ranged weapons can use Velocity shot (though not at the same time).

Accuracy I - 1 Slot - The weapon grants the "Accuracy" property, increasing weapon ability CoSes by 5.
Critical I - 1 Slot - The weapon grants the "Critical" property, granting a 5% chance to inflict critical hits.
Impact - 1 Slot - The weapon grants the "Impact" property, making is critical hits deal -50% damage, as well as gaining 3 ranks of critical. Impact cannot be taken more than once.
Skewer - 1 Slot - The weapon grants the "Skewer" property, making its critical hits deal damage to a second target in the opposite row, as well as gaining 1 rank of critical. Skewer cannot be taken more than once.
Evasion I - 1 Slot - The weapon grants the "Evasion" property, reducing incoming weapon ability CoSes by 5.
Ranged - 1 Slot - The weapon is ranged. Among other effects, this allows it to inflict the same damage regardless of rows. Ranged cannot be taken more than once.
Enchanted - 1 Slot - The weapon grants the "Enchanted" property, increasing the damage of MAG-based abilities by +1 die per weapon tier. Enchanted cannot be taken more than once.
SFX Slot+ - 1 Slot - This weapon type has one more SFX slot than usual, for adding special properties through Remodeling. SFX Slot+ cannot be taken more than once. (It begins play with 1 instead of 0, and has a maximum of 3 instead of 2.)
Piercing - 2 Slots - This weapon bears the "Piercing" property, allowing its strikes to ignore the target's Armor. Piercing cannot be taken more than once.


Each character also has a shield, that is upgraded independently. Shields come with one of four different defense types - either Evasion, Armor, M.Evasion, or M.Armor. Shields do not have any slots of SFX by default, although on even tiers Evasion and M.Evasion shields have an SFX slot rather than increased evasion or m.evasion. In order to use the shield, the character must have one hand free - so it cannot be used in conjuncture with Dual Wield or Double Hand, and requires Monkey Grip to be equipped alongside a Heavy weapon. Also note that while every character technically has a shield of some sort, not all Jobs and Classes are capable of equipping them, a outlines below.

Crystals that can Equip: ARC DRK DRG GEO GLA KGT PLD SEN WAR
Jobs that can Equip: DRG, PLD, RNG, RDM, SEN, SOL, THM, WAR
Classes that can Equip Shields: ARC BLU LNC PLD RDM WAR

Tier Evasion Armor M.Evasion M.Armor
1 2 1 1 1
2 2, 1 SFX Slot 2 1, 1 SFX Slot 2
3 3 3 2 3
4 3, 1 SFX Slot 4 2, 1 SFX Slot 4
5 4 5 3 5
6 4, 1 SFX Slot 6 3, 1 SFX Slot 6
7 5 7 4 7
8 5, 1 SFX Slot 8 4, 1 SFX Slot 8
9 6 9 5 9
10 6, 1 SFX Slot 10 5, 1 SFX Slot 10


An armor type provides some defensive benefit, and some other benefit according to its "style". Heavy and Mystic armor grant the "Armor" and "M.Armor" properties, reducing physical and magical damage respectively. Light Armor increases the wearer's HP. Physical and magical-styled weapons boost ATK or MAG, while Endurance-styled armor increases the wearer's MP. When an armor type is created, select a style and a defense.

Like with all equipment, the benefits of armor increase based on its tier.

Tier Defense: Heavy Light Mystic Style: Physical Endurance Magical
1 Armor 2 +50 HP M.Armor 2 +1 ATK +50 MP +1 MAG
2 Armor 4 +100 HP M.Armor 4 +1 ATK +100 MP +1 MAG
3 Armor 6 +150 HP M.Armor 6 +1 ATK +150 MP +1 MAG
4 Armor 8 +200 HP M.Armor 8 +1 ATK +200 MP +1 MAG
5 Armor 10 +250 HP M.Armor 10 +1 ATK +250 MP +1 MAG
6 Armor 12 +300 HP M.Armor 12 +1 ATK +300 MP +1 MAG
7 Armor 14 +350 HP M.Armor 14 +1 ATK +350 MP +1 MAG
8 Armor 16 +400 HP M.Armor 16 +1 ATK +400 MP +1 MAG
9 Armor 18 +450 HP M.Armor 18 +1 ATK +450 MP +1 MAG
10 Armor 20 +500 HP M.Armor 20 +1 ATK +500 MP +1 MAG

Purchasing Equipment

Characters may purchase new pieces of equipment of their type at stores. These typically arrive with no SFX attached, but may have one or more SFX slots available depending on its tier.

Tier SFX Slots at purchase Cost of a new Weapon or Armor
1 0 100
2 0 940
3 0 3000
4 0 5100
5 0 7200
6 1 9230
7 1 11300
8 1 13400
9 1 15500
10 1 17600

Loot & Remodeling

As the party adventures, they will gain loot - upgrading materials salvaged from defeated monsters. This loot may be used to remodel their weapons and armor, either by improving it to a new tier, or by adding a new special property (or "SFX".) Usually you can remodel your equipment anytime you have a moment of safety, but depending on the in-setting interpretation of what remodeling involves (heavy machinery, magical synthesis, what have you) it may be more restricted in a given campaign.

Remodeling is done according to a formula - it is performed on one specific piece of equipment, equipped or in the inventory, and requires one or more pieces of loot.

A given piece of loot is characterized by its tier and its type. When working with equipment, the loot is required to at least match the tier of the piece. The type of the loot determines how it can be used in formulae.

There are fifteen loot types, listed below.

Basic Loot is used to add simple properties, or to determine the sort of ability a formula creates. (Defensive loot is used to create defensive properties, for example.)
Offensive - Loot that increases damage capacity. Dropped by physical attackers.
Defensive - Loot that grants defensive properties. Dropped by armored foes.
Magical - Loot with a mystic flavor. Dropped by magic-using enemies.
Finesse - Loot associated with speed and agility. Dropped by quick attackers.
Nutritious - Especially healthy loot, dropped by especially healthy enemies. (Or tasty ones.)

Elemental Loot is used to create elemental effects, or to create certain statuses.
Fire - Hot loot with the power of fire. It has some association with a fiery spirit.
Ice - Cold loot with the power of ice.
Lightning - Charged loot with the power of lightning. Occasionally used to hone reflexes.
Water - Damp loot with the power of water. Some association with magical energy.
Bright - Shining loot with holy power. Also associated with magical defense.
Dark - Deep-black loot with shadowy power. Useful for some sneaky tricks.

Key Loot serves as "keys" to certain game-changing effects. The more of these drop, the more the associated effects will come into play.
Status - Loot that allows remodeling to inflict and resist statuses, or to enhance status abilities. Dropped by enemies that inflict nasty statuses.
Deadly - Loot that allows remodeling to inflict critical strikes, and to inflict the most terrible of statuses. Dropped by very fearsome foes.
Arcane - Loot that allows remodeling to grant Starts Battles With Statuses, which greatly increase character power. Dropped by enemies that bear Auto- or Starts Battles With Statuses themselves.
Boss - Loot always dropped by bosses. Allows adding SFX slots to weaponry, as well as certain unique properties.

Purchasing Loot

This is where Peter talks a bit about buying loot being a supplement and not a main source of acquisition, and probably leave a big note about the GM being able to go "no, you can't buy that" if they want to buy, like, Elixier and synthesize them into a truck load of elixirs or something. Also probably a note about not being able to buy old tier Loot and synthesizing it into usable items. :|

Tier Basic & Elemental & Status Loot Arcane & Deadly & Boss Loot
1 60 120
2 565 1130
3 1800 3600
4 3060 6120
5 4320 8640
6 5540 11080
7 6780 13560
8 8040 16080
9 9300 18600
10 10560 21120


The formula for remodeling a piece of equipment to a new tier is simple.

Upgrade to Tier X - [Any 1 Loot of Tier X]

When you upgrade a piece of equipment, all its SFX slots are emptied and its qualities increase according to the chart printed under "Weapons" or "Armor" on this page. (You keep any SFX slots that have been put on the weapon, but not the SFX themselves)

There are also some formula that alter a weapon's properties without adding SFX:

+1 SFX Slot - Boss
Add an SFX Slot, allowing more SFX to be added. Up to two slots may be present on a weapon or armor. (Three on weapons with the +SFX Slot property.)
Remove SFX - Water
Remove any or all SFX from a single piece of equipment, leaving the slots empty.
Alter Weapon Properties - Boss
Remove as many of the basic weapon properties (Ranged, Piercing, etc) as necessary and add a single basic weapon property, using the costs outlined under "Weapons". Despite bearing different properties, this weapon continues to be of the same type and belong to the same character.
Alter Weapon Strength - Boss
Change the weapon's strength to your choice of Light, Medium, or Heavy, with all of the changes this entails. Despite this change, the weapon continues to be of the same type and belongs to the same character. If you're changing away from Great, you lose a property slot, and may have to remove a Weapon Property.
Alter Shield - Boss
Change the defense of a shield. Despite its strange properties, this piece of armor continues to belong to the same character.
Alter Armor - Boss
Change the defense or style of a suit of armor. Despite its strange properties, this piece of armor continues to belong to the same character.

Adding SFX

Equipment can be remodeled to add special properties. The formula for doing so are listed below - each requires a certain amount of specific types of loot. Each formula may only be completed using loot of a tier at least equal to the tier of the weapon, and each SFX created occupies a single one of the weapon's SFX slots. If all SFX slots are full, a new one can be added to replace an old one, erasing the previous SFX.

Characters begin with equipment with zero equipment slots - they may remodel them to bear more, and later on, equipment purchased from stores will begin with some SFX slots already added. Up to two slots may be added through remodeling, and weapons with the "+SFX Slot" property (from their weapon type) can bear a third.

A given piece of equipment cannot have two of the exact same SFX. (No SPD +1 and SPD +1 on the same weapon. Resist Sleep and Resist Poison, however, are completely fine.)

Most SFX can be placed onto both weapons and armor, but "Elem Strike", "Added Status/Effect", and certain properties may only exist on weapons, while a certain properties can only exist on armor.

Any "Elem" property is attuned to the property matching the element loot used to create it.

Any "Status/Effect" property is attuned according to a status component used to create it - for example, by using Dark loot as the status component, the property can be applied to inflict or defend against Poison, Zombie, or Curse. Component notation is thus a simple way of referring to many formula with identical or similar ingredients.

Some properties are somewhat unique to this system. Their effects are explained below - the more common ones are outlined under Properties or Equipment Properties.


Elemental Attack
Weapon becomes Elemental - 2 [Element] + Offensive
A weapon may only bear one Elemental Attack property.

Elemental Defense
Grants Resistance to [Element] - 2 [Element] + 2 Defensive
A piece of equipment may only bear one Elemental Defense property.

SoS-Bar-Element - [Element]

Enhance Element
Grants Enhance Element - 2 [Element] + 2 Arcane

+Property (Weapon Only)
+1 Die to ATK-based abilities - 2 Offensive (+1 additional die at tiers 3, 5, 7, 9 and +1 Power at tiers 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10)
+1 Die to MAG-based abilities - 2 Magical (+1 additional die at tiers 3, 5, 7, 9 and +1 Power at tiers 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10)

+Property (Armor Only)
Armor I - Offensive + Defensive (+1 additional Armor per tier above 1)
M.Armor I - Magical + Defensive (+1 additional M. Armor per tier above 1)
+25 HP - 2 Nutritious (+25 additional HP per tier above 1)

+Property (Any)
Evasion I - Finesse + Defensive
Accuracy I - Finesse + Offensive
M.Evasion I - Finesse + Magical
+1 SPD - 2 Finesse
+25 MP - Nutritious + Magical (+25 additional MP per tier above 1.)
+5 Stealing CoS - 1 Finesse

Arcane Recipes (Arcane Loot brings in Enhancements)

Bravery - 2 Offensive + Arcane
Faith - 2 Magical + Arcane
Shell - 2 Bright + Arcane
Protect - 2 Defensive + Arcane
Haste - 2 Finesse + Arcane
Veil - 2 Status + Arcane
Float - Lightning + Arcane
Resist - 2 Defensive + 2 Arcane
Reflect - 3 Bright + 2 Arcane
Vanish - 3 Dark + 2 Arcane
Vigilance - 2 Water + Arcane

Start Battles with [Status]
The timer for the Starts Battles With [Status] increased as the piece of gear its attached to goes up in tier. It starts at (2) for tier 1, increases to (3) at tier 3, (4) at tier 5, (5) at tier 7, and finally (6) at tier 9.
Refresh- 3 Magical + 2 Arcane
Reflect - 4 Bright + 3 Arcane
Bravery - 3 Offensive + 2 Arcane
Faith - 3 Magical + 2 Arcane
Shell - 3 Bright + 2 Arcane
Protect - 3 Defensive + 2 Arcane
Haste - 3 Finesse + 2 Arcane
Regen - 3 Nutritious + 2 Arcane
Vanish - 4 Dark + 3 Arcane
Float & +10 Speed when determining delay at the beginning of battles. - 3 Lightning + 2 Arcane
Reraise (U, regardless of tier) - 3 Bright + 3 Arcane
Vigilance - 3 Water + 2 Arcane

Status Recipes (Status loot brings in Added Statuses)

Status + [Component] - Resist III
Status + 2[Component] - Resist VI
Added Effects
1 Status +2[Component] - Added (Status): 20 (Statuses marked with "I")
2 Status +3[Component] - Added (Status): 15 (Statuses marked with "II")

Components are seperated into three classes. I are "soft" statuses, II are "hard" statuses, and III are only available as defenses through status loot.

Offensive - I :Deprotect, Provoke, Push
Defensive - I: Debravery, Defaith. III: Stone*
Magical - I: Deshell.
Nutritious - III: Charm, Gravity.
Finesse: I: Delay 5, Evasion Down.
Status: I : Lock, Dispel.
Fire - I: Sap. II: Berserk, Pain.
Ice - I: Immobilize III: Sleep.
Lightning - II: Confuse, Silence.
Water - I: Slow. III: Toad.
Bright - I: Condemn, Blind.
Dark - I: Zombie, Poison. II: Curse.
Deadly - III: [Gravity & Death & Eject & Near-Fatal].
3 Boss - III: All Status & Effects

Deadly Recipes (Deadly Loot ends battles, fast)

Critical - Deadly
+5 Technique Status CoS - 1 Deadly + 1 Finesse
+5 Spell Status CoS - 1 Deadly + 1 Magical
Killer - 3 Deadly + 1 Offensive
Available only to weapons, the "Killer" SFX permanently transforms into a "Monster Killer" property matching the family of the first monster that weapon kills. Until then, it has no effect. If the defeated monster has multiple families, player's choice.

Added: Gravity 25 (20) - 1 Deadly + 4 Nutritious
Added: Sleep (15) - 2 Deadly + 2 Dark
Added: Imperil (20) - 2 Deadly + 2 Magical
Added: Stop (10) - 3 Deadly + 3 Ice
Added: Near Fatal (10) - 4 Deadly
Added: Death (10) - 3 Deadly + 3 Dark
Added: Charm (10) - 2 Deadly + 2 Nutritious
Added: Stone (10) - 3 Deadly + 3 Defensive
Added: Toad (10) - 2 Deadly + 3 Water

Powerful Recipes (Boss Loot increases slots and brings in weird effects)
Increase Item Drop CoS to 40 - Finesse + Boss
Increase Loot Drop CoS to 60 - Nutritious + Boss
Buff Maintenance [Incoming Positive Statuses: +1 Duration] - Boss + Arcane
Double Limit Gain - 3 Boss + 3 Fire


Excess loot can also be used to create usable items, as listed in the Item List. These formula may be performed regardless of the tier of the loot.

Normal Items
Antarctic Wind - 2 Ice
Bomb Fragment - 2 Fire
Fish Scale - 2 Water
Electro Marble - 2 Lightning
Holy Mote - 2 Bright
Dark Mote - 2 Dark
Earth Drum - 1 Deadly
Power Drink - 2 Offensive
Magic Drink - 2 Magical
Light Curtain - 2 Defensive
Lunar Curtain - 1 Arcane
Speed Drink - 2 Finesse
Healing Spring - 2 Nutritious Loot
Sleeping Powder - Bright + Status
Candle of Life - Ice + Status
Baccush's Wine - Fire + Status
Mute Mask - Water + Status
Ink - Lightning + Status
Zombie Powder - Dark + Status
Elixir - Boss

Use Items
Arctic Wind - Ice
Ice Gem - Ice + Magical
Bomb Core - Fire
Fire Gem - Fire + Defensive
Lightning Marble - Lightning
Lightning Gem - Lightning + Offensive
Dragon Scale - Water
Water Gem - Water + Finesse
Moon Stone - Bright
Blessed Gem - Bright + Magical
Dark Matter - Dark
Devil's Juice - Dark + Nutritious
Grenade - Offensive
Frag Grenade - Offensive + Defensive
Chocobo Wing - Finesse
Al Bhed Potion - 2 Nutritious
Hero Drink - Arcane
Farplane Shadow - Deadly

Equipment as Treasure

Characters may find weaponry suited to themselves during their adventures, like you can find treasure during any normal game. These pieces of equipment can be of any weapon or armor type used in the party, and may have anywhere from zero to three ability slots, which may be occupied with any number of abilities, as the GM sees fit.

Certain rare finds may be "Relics", and might contain strange, potent abilities of the GM's desiring.

Another possible discovery during the course of the game is a "Relic Formula" - a strange formula of the GM's desiring, possibly using unique ingredients, which allows the addition of a unique, potent ability. These formula may require a certain one-of-a-kind component, essentially allowing the party to grant a single piece of equipment a relic-grade effect.

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