Properties describe inherent traits of an actor in combat. They can be derived from a multitude of sources. Many properties such as "Accuracy or Resist: Status" describe their effects "per rank" - if you gain ranks of a property from multiple different sources, you gain the sum benefit of all of them.

Accuracy: Accuracy increases the CoS of Weapon and Aimed abilities performed by the actor by 5 per rank, allowing them to strike evasive enemies.

Armor: Armor reduces incoming physical damage, which most weapons inflict. Each rank of Armor reduces damage by 5, when applicable.

Critical: Critical grants the chance to inflict a critical hit when performing a Weapon or Aimed ability. Whenever a CoS roll produces a number equal or less to your "Critical range", a critical hit is scored against that target and it inflicts +100% damage as a situational modifier. Each rank of Critical grants 5 points of critical range.

Elemental Properties: Elemental damage can be altered by Weaknesses, Resistances, Immunities, and Absorbencies applying to the proper element. When a character has multiple elemental properties, take the best present of Resistance, Immunity or Absorb. If a character has a Weakness, however, it takes precedence over any other elemental property and cannot be reduced by a better elemental property.
Weakness: The actor takes +50% damage as a situational modifier from the relevant element.
Resistances: The actor takes -50% damage as a situational modifier from the relevant element.
Immunities: The actor isn't harmed by the element, reducing damage received by the element to 0.
Absorbencies: Damage of that element restores the actor's health instead of reducing it, analogous to a healing effect.
Elemental properties are often abbreviated to a single letter and the element, such as "W: Fire" or "R: Shadow".

Evasion: Evasion allows an actor to dodge attacks and Weapon abilities, reducing the CoS of incoming abilities with the "Weapon" or "Aimed" keyword by 5 per rank.

Inflicts Magical Damage: Found on Instruments and Poles, weapons with this property inflict magical damage: They are modified by effects which apply to magical damage (such as Faith, M.Armor, Shell) instead of effects which apply to physical damage (such as Bravery, Armor, Protect). Abilities using these weapons still apply all effects concerning weapon abilities - such as the row penalty for melee weapon strikes, modifications from Evasion and Accuracy, and so on.

M.Armor: Magical Armor reduces incoming magical damage, typically inflicted by spells and magic. Each rank of M.Armor reduces damage by 5, when applicable.

M.Evasion: M.Evasion allows an actor to dodge spells, reducing the CoS of incoming damaging abilities with the "Spell" keyword by 5 per rank. Note that this omits status-inflicting, enhancing, curing and other utility spells, unless they also inflict damage.

Piercing: Piercing allows armor to be bypassed - Attacks and weapon abilities performed by an actor with Piercing ignore Armor and M.Armor.

Resist: Status: Status resistances protect against statuses, reducing the CoS of abilities and effects that inflict the relevant status by 5 per rank, as well as shortening the timer. Status Resistances usually refer to specific statuses, but some rare options allow access to a general "Resist: Status" which reduces the CoS of all status effects. Abilities and effects that can have their CoS affected by Resist: Status carry the "Status: x" keyword. If the ability has an additional CoS to inflict the status, Resist modifies that CoS - otherwise, Resistances affect the CoS of the action as a whole.

If someone receives a status that they carry a resistance property to, the timer of that status is reduced by 1, to a minimum of 1. This reduction is the same no matter how many ranks of the status the target possesses. Due to its slightly different nature, the timer for Condemn will be increased by 1, rather than reduced by 1.

While Status and Effect resistances of different types don't stack on the same ability - an action with Status: Poison, Toad targeting someone with both Resist: Poison I and Resist: Toad III would only have its CoS reduced by 15 - Resistances do stack with other properties that reduce CoS, such as Evasion if the action has the Weapon keyword, or M.Evasion if the action is also a damaging spell.

Resist: Effect: Effect resistances work in the same manner as Status Resistances, except they protect against one-off effects instead of enduring statuses, reducing the CoS of all actions with the relevant "Effect: x" keyword. If the ability has an additional CoS to inflict the status, Resist modifies that CoS - otherwise, Resistances affect the CoS of the action as a whole.

Status Immunity: Difficult to access, status immunities prevent the target from ever receiving the status in any way, shape, or form. It has no effect on CoSes; whenever the status would be applied to the actor, it simply isn't. Effect immunities, which work analogously, also exist.

There are also some special properties which may be granted by equipment, and monster properties wielded only by monsters. These are enumerated in Chapter 5 and Chapter 6 respectively.
Equipment properties

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