Play Basics

Basic Mode of Play

As a roleplaying game, the basic mode of play is having players narrate the actions and speech of their characters, while the Gamemaster describes the world around them, the actions and speech of all other persona (including any traditional hordes of monsters), occasionally calling for result checks or combat encounters as events may occur.

Result Checks

When an event's outcome is uncertain, the result is generally decided by a result check, performed whenever any situation has a less-than-100 "Chance of Success", usually abbreviated as CoS. A result check is performed by rolling a one-hundred sided die (d100); If the number rolled is equal to or less than the CoS, the result is success, typically meaning that the task a hero was trying to complete is accomplished, an attack being made manages to hit its target, or a nasty curse whose effectiveness was in question manages to land "Blind" against the target.

CoSes are typically decided by the sort of action being performed, and can then be modified by outside effects - the skill of the character, the equipment, properties of the target, status effects, and so on. Players are typically aware of the final CoS before they roll but after they decide to perform the action, but in a fast-paced combat, it might be appropriate to simply roll as you declare the attack and learn of the modifiers moments later.

Typically, if a CoS is 100 or higher, there's no need to roll a die at all, since regardless of the result, the check will be successful. If a CoS is 0 or lower, then you cannot roll either.

Some rules governing specific sorts of result checks may attach special effects to certain rolls - for example, when someone has access to the Critical property, their attacks inflict extra damage on especially low rolls. A player may then decide to roll for a result check even if they cannot fail, in order to have a chance at obtaining the special effect. As well, some special effects attached to certain numbers might have bad effects - these might state that you need to roll no matter what.


In addition to the success-or-fail result checks, occasionally the game requires a number to be calculated - typically damage or another number resulting from the action, but also things like the experience point gain after a combat. Whenever a number is calculated, you round down at the end of an operation.

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