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Known Issues

Added Statuses and Inflicts Statuses on saved monsters prior to version 0.6.9 will not work correctly in versions 0.6.9 and higher due to a change in data structure. They won't crash the world, but if you load a monster from pre-0.6.9 you'll need to manually recreate all Status properties.

Other Abilities assume for the MCS that something that is Magic will also be a Spell, and it fails to differentiate between Status and Effect keywords. I don't foresee either of these ever actually causing any bugs but it's worth keeping in mind.

Input and Added Status don't add the Status/Effect keyword to displayed keyword lists.

If any keyword lists aren't what they should be, please alert Teakwood. Thanks!

Feature Requests

Up / Down arrow buttons to move attacks up and down?
Add equipment lists for Humanoid characters
Possibly rework the way Resists and Immunities are handled?
"Spellbook" support. [laughs weakly] (effectively 1.0)
Hitting 'Enter' on the 'name a basic attack' form doesn't send an 'OK'.
Tooltips are still rolling over onto a second monitor. How can you newline tooltips!??!
=Release History=
0.4 - Initial Public Alpha

Critical now calculates properly instead of applying the slot surcharge for every rank in Critical taken for T1 monsters.
Inflicts Status now only decrements the CoS once on the first inflicted status.
Countdown CT reduction seems to be fixed.
Removing all basic attacks and then adding a new basic attack correctly costs zero slots.
Character abilities pencilled in; implementation is pending a check of what abilities are missing / are there but shouldn't be.
Fixed bug concerning Type Swap damage calculation.

Option to export to Yamo tracker, currently has a bug either here or in the tracker
Automatically saves .rawr with monster name as filename

Increased width of the main window, and width of properties and abilities description boxes
Inflicts Status now provides durations for inflicted status effects as appropriate
Inflicts Status now decreases CoS by 10 for each additional status as per MCS update
Fixed a bug involving Clumsy Strength where monster tier was not equal to 1.

"Power Per Tier" and "Power Per Tier After 1" were conflated, on Job Abilities. This has now been fixed.
Countdown ability modifier has been brought up to date with Seed rulebook.
Countdown power modifier now correctly calculates when a Countdown modifier has been removed and then re-added.
Inflicts Status text bug for first selected status has been fixed.
Multiple discrepancies with ARM, M.ARM, and Accuracy bonus have been resolved.
Fixed a file system bug involving loading and then saving a .rawr file.

Changed wording of Counter input dialog to match MCS
Updated Status Shake, Amorph, and Revenant timers to match MCS changes
Updated Dragon descriptive text, delay, and global power multiplier
Modified status immunity dialog
Modified tooltip wording in multiple places to be in line with MCS changes
Changed Countdown to use slot spinner rather than selection, as selection is no longer necessary

Okay let's be honest, I lost track of changes made.
THE IMPORTANT THINGS: A monster's Basic Attack is now handled seperately from other Basic Attack type actions.
MP Scaling has been implemented.
Auto-Status, Starts With, and SOS-Status have been updated to comply with MCS.
A number of jobland changes to delay and CoS and spell order were factored into ACN, GRN and TIM.

Basic Attack button now behaves properly on monster load
Monster printout to text file now correctly outputs monster's basic attack.

Ranged modifier now costs two slots
Enhancement monster ability has been implemented
Plant family property has been brought up to date with the MCS.
Countdown CT +10 if the ability is group targeting.

Brought the system up to date with respect to MP costs.
"Character Abilities" have been phased out in favour of "Other" ability types with a high degree of flexibility. Eventually this will be data-sourced from a file containing all abilities in the system.
Numerous bug fixes regarding ability display.
NOTE that this version of the software cannot open previous versions' .rawr files. This is something I'm working on but which may be beyond my expertise and I'm trying to find a different solution to saving monster data so that this won't be an issue whenever I add something to the build.

Fixed a crucial bug involving Boss / Mini-boss HP calculation
Implemented the new colour scheme on the main screen
Added example colour label for Normal elemental property.
Fixed remaining button and colour issues on main screen

Updated colour scheme across the entire application.
Completely changed the way Added Statuses are input; it now makes a lot more sense and is verified rules-legal.

Fixed a bug involving High CoS not being applicable to Basic Attack.
Added 'MCS Options' button to allow modification and customisation of the MCS colour scheme.
Fixed a crash involving non-Weapon abilities input to the Other Ability form. Phys/Mag/Dmg./Effect dropdown now defaults to Physical Damage.

Fixed inaccuracies in tooltip and display for Beast family property.
Fixed inaccuracies in tooltip for Basic Attacks.
Fixed inaccuracies in tooltip for a number of ability modifiers.
Fixed a number of inaccuracies in dialog boxes wherein the user selects between increased delay and MP cost for an ability modifier.
Enabled ability to edit Other Abilities by double-clicking on the ability or selecting the ability and hitting the 'Edit' button.

Added new method of inputting Armor, M.Armor, Evasion, M.Evasion, Accuracy, High HP, High MP.
Added ability to edit many monster properties after they've been added.
Added ability to edit almost all ability modifiers after they've been added.
Any monster property or ability modifier that should be editable but isn't is fair game to file as a bug report. n.b. Teak may disagree about what should and shouldn't be editable, but almost everything is now anyways.
Added 'Body Armor' additional property.
Added 'Store Element' action ability.
Editing an ability or property after creating it no longer bypasses the slot cost check. Oops!
Removed extraneous 'Refresh' button as property/ability recalculation should (and will) happen automatically.
Get Back Up and X-Attack now re-cost themselves on an appropriate tier change.
Abilities with Countdowns will now correctly re-cost their own CTs if the move's target type is changed.
Abilities, modifiers, and properties in general should now recalculate themselves appropriately under changing circumstances; anything which still doesn't do so is fair game to file as a bug report with Teakwood.
Ability modifiers should now be displaying which cost was chosen when they were created or edited.
Changed and unified the way Basic Attacks are input to allow for editing of attack actions.
Slot Cost is now displayed in curly brackets after every ability, modifier, and property. Ability slot costs factor in slot costs of all modifiers.
Inflicts Status reimplemented to adequately reflect specifications.
Inflicts and Added Status now modify their own CoS modifiers contingent on whether their parent ability is GT or RT.
Counter recosts itself if an ability gains a CT.

Enhancement monster ability input has been extensively redesigned and now operates in accordance with the MCS rules.
Other Actions being edited to a Reaction or Support after the fact now display properly and have their attack type set to null.
Implemented 'Weak Spot' additional property.
Added ability to edit Freestyle Elemental Properties.
Maintenance work on basic abilities / Type Swap property towards eventual implementation of Keyword lists. Hopefully didn't break anything!
Item/Equip/Drop output to .txt file.
Accuracy monster property now should be correctly modifying all abilities with the 'Weapon' keyword.
Piercing property and Ranged pseudo-property now show up on attack output lines.
Crit Range now shows up on attack output lines.
Fixed a breaking bug on saving a monster with Added or Inflicts Status, Enhancement.
Modified the text generated for monster statblock and libra data to be more useful.
Text generated now gives lists of keywords per-ability.

Added support for grimoire.csv and grimoire.cgm files - if grimoire.csv is present but the .cgm is not, the program will take a few moments to compile the grimoire from the spreadsheet. This is useful if you're downloading a more recent version of the spreadsheet.
Added ability to add abilities present in the spreadsheet via the Other Ability menu.
Fixed a bug involving added cost to Inflicts Status attacks.
Fixed a bug where editing an Inflicts Delay would incorrectly increment the number of ranks of delay inflicted.
Added Status and Inflicts Status now modify the primary print line of their modified ability.

Notes to self:

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