Job System

Characters at level one start with 200 AP in a single-Job, and one Active Ability for that-Job must be purchased at character creation.

AP is awarded to the main-Job the character is currently equipped with. AP can then be used to purchase any ability from that-Job.-Jobs can be freely changed between anytime a character is not in combat.

Characters automatically have the Active Ability Skillset for their current/main-Job equipped, as well as the Support ability marked as "Innate". Characters can equipped an additional Active Ability Skillset from a second-Job, as well as a second Support ability that the character has learned from any-Job, as well as a Reaction. Traits can only be applied to the main-Job's active ability skillset, but can be turned "off" after purchase if desires. The skillset from the secondary-Job does not benefit from any traits - even if the skillsets share similar abilities. Attributes, HP and MP bonuses are all taken from the main-Job as well.

When used with the Bare system, traits work a little bit differently than they do with Equipment and Remodeling. Rather than needing to buy the traits for your current-Job, you instead gain access to them automatically. In addition to this, you may buy and use Traits for your secondary skill set.

This'll probably be written better at some point but it'll do for now.


Bard (BRD)

0/0/4/3/3 - 40/60

Black Mage (BLM)

0/0/0/5/5 - 0/100

Chemist (CHM)

2/1/5/2/0 - 40/60

Dancer (DNC)

3/2/5/0/0 - 60/40

Dragoon (DRG)

4/3/0/3/0 - 70/30

Green Mage (GRN)

3/0/0/3/4 - 40/60

Marauder (MRD)

5/5/0/0/0 - 100/0

Monk (MNK)

3/3/2/2/0 - 70/30

Ninja (NIN)

4/0/4/2/0 - 50/50

Paladin (PLD)

2/4/0/2/2 - 70/30

Parivir (PVR)

4/1/3/0/2 - 60/40

Ranger (RNG)

5/2/3/0/0 - 60/40

Ravager (RAV)

4/2/4/0/0 - 70/30

Red Mage (RDM)

2/2/2/2/2 - 50/50

Samurai (SAM)

4/2/0/4/0 - 70/30

Sentinel (SEN)

2/5/2/0/1 - 100/0

Soldier (SOL)

4/4/2/0/0 - 80/20

Summoner (SMN)

0/0/0/5/5 - 0/100

Thaumaturge (THM)

0/2/0/4/4 - 30/70

Thief (THF)

3/1/6/0/0 - 60/40

Warrior (WAR)

6/2/2/0/0 - 70/30

White Mage (WHM)

0/0/0/5/5 - 20/80

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