Welcome to the wiki that serves as the rules manual for the Seed RPG, a tabletop-styled roleplaying system designed to play games in the style of console RPGs.
Seed's signature trait is that it consists of several modular Systems, which can be mixed and matched to generate different styles of campaigns,
Think of it as a game with a cool tactical combat system for you to hang any tale you wish upon - from travellers discovering the truth behind the nature of their world, to rebels fighting against corrupt corporations, to a bunch of layabout swords-for-hire hacking open monsters on contract.

Chapter 1 - Campaigns and Play
The baseline for Seed rules are outlined here, as well as a discussion of campaign creation.
Chapter 2 - Encounters and Combat -
Contains the Seed system for combat. Contains all core combat rules, as well as the list of Status Effects, Properties, Keywords, and Basic Actions.
Chapter 3 - Adventuring and Skill Systems
Contains the Seed system for skill checks, adjudicating success and failure out of battle. Contains the various Skill Systems, as well.
- Talent System - Characters take skill checks as they come. One roll, one success!
- Reel System - Skill checks are a group effort, as the party bands together to overcome the obstacle.
- Fortune System - Characters use their fortune to pass skill checks, a resource that waxes and wanes with their luck.
Chapter 4 - Characters and Growth Systems - party creation, systems for classes (and other things characters get, like aeons or limits)
Contains the Seed rules for creating your party and the characters within them, the systems for character growth, and systems for other potent options characters might use. (Like a Limit Break!)
- Class System - Characters make a career out of one fighting style, learning abilities, techniques and magic that all play to their chosen class.
- Crystal System - Characters switch fighting styles freely, combining abilities from across crystals as it pleases them.
- Job System - Character can change between different skill sets, being able to shift between different fighting style as needed
- Eidolon System - Characters can also call the fearsome otherworldly beasts known as Eidolons.
- Limit Break System - Characters can unleash battle-changing Limit Breaks when cornered.
Chapter 5 - Inventory and Outfitting Systems - systems for equipment and items
Explains the Seed rules for inventory, containing the item list and Outfitting Systems.
- Equipment System - Characters purchase and find equipment during their adventures.
- Remodeling System - Characters upgrade their signature gear using salvaged loot.
- Bare System - No mechanical weight is granted to equipment - character properties are determined by Class or Job.
Chapter 6 -Monsters and Crises
Contains the Seed rules for monster and encounter design - some special rules for battle situations, and the Monster Creation System.
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