Equipment System


In the Equipment System, characters gather a diverse assortment of arms and armor with unique effects, swapping between them as the situation calls for, or as their careers draw them. Unlike elsewhere in the system, where all sources of properties stack, two pieces of equipment (when dual wielding weapons with bonus SFX, or accessories) with the same name only provide their bonuses once if they are equipped at the same time.

All equipment is separated into several tiers, and every ten levels, (11, 21, 31, and so on) it is expected that characters will purchase new equipment, increasing their attack power and defensive characteristics.

These pieces of equipment are of the following types:


The equipped weapon determines the delay and power of weapon actions and often modify their properties in some way. Weapons differ in speed, power, and accuracy, and often possess special traits - large, two-handed weapons can cut through any armor, and ranged weapons allow a combatant to fight at full strength from the back row. They can be quickly swapped out with the "Change Weapon" action, allowing characters to change plans mid-battle.

Typically, a character equips only one weapon, but the ability "Dual Wield" allows a character to hold two weapons tagged Dual-Wield OK, one in each hand. In this case, they repeat the CoS and effects of every weapon action they perform, as if they were performing the action first with one weapon and then the other. As for the action's delay, it's the higher of the two weapons.


Suits of armor grant characters some defense against monsters, while also giving them a slight statistical boost. It is separated into three types - Heavy armor reduces physical damage and boosts ATK, Mystic armor reduces magical damage and boosts MAG, and light armor increases HP and MP, allowing a character to survive more hits and use more abilities.


If a character is holding a one-handed weapon, they can equip a shield in their other hand. Shields grant the "Evasion" property and are often equipped with potent protective special effects. Shields can be changed out during battle along with the "Change Weapon" action.


Crossbows, Guns, and Bows have access to packs of special ammunition which lend them potent weapon properties. A character wielding one of these weapons has a single slot for equipping the appropriate ammunition type - the ammunition lends its listed properties to all weapon actions made while it is equipped. Unlike Items, Ammo is not consumed, and simply modifies the weapon it is equipped into. Ammunition can be changed out quicker than changing weapons using the "Change Ammo" action.

The list of ammunition is provided directly under the weapon it applies to on the Weapon List.


Accessories are additional pieces of equipment that grant potent special properties, allowing characters to concentrate their defenses against an element or a status, enhance their attributes, or apply tricky special rules to their actions.

Whereas the slots for other pieces of equipment are well defined, accessories are a bit more nebulous. Depending on system or the whim of the GM, characters can have anywhere from one to four accessory slots - more will greatly increase the power and survivability of the characters against strange tactics.

It is generally recommended that characters possess two accessory slots, allowing them to equip two different accessories.

Equipment Properties

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