Equipment Properties

Equipment may grant the basic Properties, but some equipment also have special effects, outlined below:

+ Power: Some weapons have unusually high power for their tier. These are factored into the "Power" listing if it is a weapon, but must be added yourself if the bonus comes from ammunition or from an accessory. Some pieces of equipment are capable of boosting the power of things other than weapons, as well.

Added Effect or Status: After a weapon ability connects, resolve the added effect with a separate result check whose only keyword is that of the status or effect about to be inflicted. If successful, also inflict the status or effect to that target. Statuses have a base duration of (4) (Aside from Stone, which is unlimited), and the number in parenthesis associated with the added affect is its CoS.

If this property is granted by a weapon, it applies only to strikes with that weapon. If you have multiple Added CoSes that would inflict the same status or effect, whether from equipment or from use of an ability like "Beso Toxico", sum the added CoSes and make one roll.

ATT +X: Grants a bonus to the relevant attribute.

Brutal: When a weapon with the Brutal property scores a critical hit, the bonus critical damage dealt is at +50%, inflicting +150%, rather than +100%. Unlike the Skewer and Impact properties, inclusion of the Brutal property does nor confer any ranks of critical to the weapon, resulting in weapons with the Brutal property typically having a lower critical hit range.

Elemental: All non-elemental damage inflicted with this weapon gains the named element and the relevant Elemental keyword. This does not overwrite the element of weapon actions that have inherent elements, such as "Soul Eater", nor does it create actions that carry two elements. It does also not over-ride Fire Sword or similar effects.

Element Strikes: Non-elemental damage inflicted by this weapon gains the named element and the relevant keyword. This does not overwrite the inherent elements of weapons or anything elemental weapons do not overwrite. If a character gains Element Strikes from multiple sources (say, they equip a Fiery and a Watery gleam) all the Element Strikes effects cancel out, and they gain the effects of none of them.

Enhance Element: Grants the "Enhance Element" property, granting a +25% situational modifier when inflicting damage of that element. A given action can only gain one Enhance Element benefit - unlike some properties, multiple Enhance Water effects, for example, would not add together.

Enhance Recovery: Grants a +25% situational modifier when using abilities with the "Recovery" keyword. A given action can only gain one Enhance Healing benefit - unlike some properties, multiple Enhance Healing effects, for example, would not add together.

Enchanted: Weapons with the Enchanted property is specially design to assist with spell casting. Any ability which has a Power score that is based on MAG gains +1 die per the weapon's tier.

Faster / Slower : Some weapons are slightly faster or slower than others - the listed delay of this weapon already had the minus -3 Delay factored in for Faster, or the +20 Delay factored in for Slower.

Healing: This weapon restores health instead of inflicting damage. Strikes with this weapon gain the "Healing" keyword, and all weapon damage inflicted with it are calculated as healing effects instead of physical damage ones, restoring health instead of reducing it. (For example, they are not reduced by Armor, nor are they boosted by Deprotect)

HP Drain : Whenever damage is inflicted with this weapon, you receive the amount dealt as healing. If you attack an Undead or Zombie combatant with an HP Drain weapon, the damage dealt will restore the target and be lost by you.

Impact: When a weapon with the Impact property scores a critical hit, the bonus critical damage is at -50%, inflicting +50% rather than +100%. While this might seem like a bad thing at first, any weapon with the Impact property has at least three ranks of critical by default, allowing it to score critical hits far more often.

Ranged: Weapons with the Ranged property ignore the situational modifiers when attacking from and to the back rows.

Sighted: A weapon with the Sighted property is especially good at inflicting status effect. Anytime you use a Weapon ability that has an Added Effect or Added Status while wielding a weapon with the Sighted property, increase the CoS to inflicting them by 10.

Skewer: When a weapon with the Skewer property scores a critical hit, instead of inflicting bonus critical damage, the ability also targets and automatically strikes another target in the opposite row of the one you struck. Any modifiers to critical damage (such as Impact or Brutal) are applied to the secondary target. However, don't apply modifiers from rows, Brave, En-Element, or the E: Element property to the secondary target. If there's no valid secondary target, Skewer doesn't take effect and the attack inflicts critical damage as normal. Weapons with the Skewer property always have at least 1 rank of Critical.

Status CoS +X: Boosts CoSes to inflict Statuses and apply Effects. If an ability directly inflicts a status or effect (and not through an added CoS), the ability's CoS is increased. Otherwise, the added CoS, if present, is increased. Sometimes a piece of equipment specifies "Spell Status" or "Technique Status"; These properties only increase the CoSes of actions that are spells or techniques, respectively.

Stuns: A weapon with the Stuns property slows down any target it hits very slightly. Anytime a target is hit by a weapon with the Stuns property, increase their current delay by 1D. This is a Delay effect that ignores Resist: Delay and is applied once per hit, unlike other effects, which are only applied once per action.

Technique/Spell CoS +X: Boosts all CoSes involved in Technique or Spell abilities, respectively - this property increases both the CoS of that ability hitting and the CoSes of any added statuses or effects. Properties that boost the CoS of abilities with other keywords (such as, say, all "Steal" abilities) work in the same fashion.

Type Killer: Strikes with this weapon gain a +50% situational modifier to damage against the named monster family. (Monster families are Construct, Humanoid, Undead, Amorph, Arcana, Dragon, Plant, Beast, Aquan, Insect)

Warding: A weapon with the Warding property is adept at dampening magic the wielder is hit by. When equipped with a weapon that has the Warding property, the wielder gains +1 M.Armor per the weapons tier.

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