Encounters and Combat

From time to time in a campaign, the party will come to blows with a enemy force. This could happen for many reasons - the party could be beset by hungry fiends or forced to hunt to survive, they might be forcing their way past guards or turning the tide of a war, they might be competing in a competition of arms or stopping a lunatic attempting to compress the time-stream.

It also might happen because it's dramatically important, because you want the party to gain respect for or triumph over a villain, because the party got caught or because the combat ruleset is fun and engaging.

Regardless of the reason that two groups come to blows, Seed wants the action to be fun, interesting and engaging.

The Rules for Combat describe the process of fighting battles.
Basic Actions Are things that anyone can do in battle by default.

Three glossaries explain some of the terms and definitions used to run battles:
Statuses lists the rules for statuses and effects, positive and negative, which may come into play.
Properties are inherent traits, often defensive, that affect the combatant who has them. This is a brief list for players - some special equipment properties are explained in Chapter 5, and some monster-only properties are outlined in Chapter 6.
Keywords are tags attached to actions which decide how they interact with other facets of the rules. This section briefly outlines their definition and some of their impact.

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