Closing And Thanks

Thanks are in Order To -

The Returnergames Team,
FFRPG 3e was the Seed team's system of choice for years, and its inspiration can be felt permeating throughout the system.
Without all that play, we couldn't have written Seed!

The Seed Team,
Even when development got heated, elegant design always seemed to fall out at the end.
Let's keep working and playing together.

The Seed Campaigns, and all their players,
Beleaguered Fayth, Forsvare, NWFT, Nutritious Loot, Project Pending, Garden, Armored Culture, the Yamo playests, and all the campaigns out there in the wilds -
There's nothing more satisfying than the thrill of seeing people have fun with your work.

Don't let anyone tell you FFXIII wasn't amazing, okay? That thing kicked tail.

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