Bare System


In the Bare System, the armaments used by adventures to dish out damage and reduce it in kind are simply assumed to be had on hand - and be more focused on the characters place within their Growth System.

Bare Statistics

Each Job and Class has a listing of the five parts that emulate their gear at the top of the page, under the "Bare" heading and above the abilities listings. When in that Job or Class, the character's statistics are largely determined by the valued assigned there, though certain support abilities can change these entries.
Strength: A character's Strength determines how much damage a character deals when using Weapon abilities, as well as determining Weapon based delays. Each Strength listing also has a few Inherent Properties with it, which are applied when using any Weapon abilities.
Blocking: Some Jobs and Classes gain a bonus to evasion; Blocking shows that they make use of a shield to deflect damage away.
Defenses: A character's Defense determines the method in which a character mitigates damage dealt to them.
Style: The Style entry emphasizes a specific way that the character fights, and grants bonuses to meet those ends.
Bonuses: Finally each Job and Class has a Bonus line, granting further bonus properties to the character. Often these are simply statuses resistances, but there are some more unique bonuses to be found as well. Anytime the Bonus is listed as "pick one set" and with multiple options below that, the different sets can be freely changed between when not engaged in battles.


A characters Strength comes in one of three types: Light, Medium and Heavy. Both the die rolled, the Power used to calculated damage, the delay and the floor are given based on Strength type in the table below.. Any time the rules might refer to the character's "equipped weapon", this is what it's talking about with regards to the bare system! Damage dealt is physical of course, unless otherwise specified. Also note that each strength entry comes with s few inherent properties which should also be taken into effect when performing Weapon attacks. If you're ever unsure of what exactly a weapon property does, don't forget to check on the Equipment Properties page!

Tier Light (d8), 40 Delay, 20 Floor Medium (d10), 50 Delay, 20 Floor Heavy (d12), 60 Delay, 20 Floor
1 6 8 10
2 9 12 15
3 12 16 20
4 15 20 25
5 18 24 30
6 21 28 35
7 24 32 40
8 27 36 45
9 30 40 50
10 33 44 55


A character's Blocking will being be Yes, No, or Sealed. If the Blocking section is listed as Yes or Sealed, a type of defense will be listed in parenthesis behind it, dictating which type of defensive bonus the Blocking effect granted. While most Jobs and Classes grant Evasion, a few can give M.Evasion, Armor, or M.Armor instead.
If the entry is Yes, the character receives some defensive bonus, as detailed below. If the entry is No, then the character does not. Sealed is a bit more tricky; if a Job or Class lists the Blocking rating as Sealed, then while it is possibly for the Job or Class to receive a Blocking bonus, they cannot currently. Normally a character cannot have a Heavy Strength and gain the effects of Blocking, so if the character were to find a way to change their Strength to Light or Medium, they would start to receive the evasion from Blocking. (There's even an ability in certain Growth systems that explicitly allows the character to receive the Blocking bonus even when their Strength is Heavy.)

When the character has an Armor or M.Armor method of blocking, they receive one rank of the property per character tier, while if the method is Evasion of M.Evasion, consult the table below.

Tier Ranks of Evasion Ranks of M.Evasion
1-2 Evasion 2 M.Evasion 1
3-4 Evasion 3 M.Evasion 2
5-6 Evasion 4 M.Evasion 3
7-8 Evasion 5 M.Evasion 4
9-10 Evasion 6 M.Evasion 5


The Defense comes in one of three flavors; Heavy which reduces incoming physical damage, Light which simply increases your max HP value, and finally Mystic which reduces incoming magical damage.

Tier Heavy Light Mystic
1 Armor 2 +50 HP M.Armor 2
2 Armor 4 +100 HP M.Armor 4
3 Armor 6 +150 HP M.Armor 6
4 Armor 8 +200 HP M.Armor 8
5 Armor 10 +250 HP M.Armor 10
6 Armor 12 +300 HP M.Armor 12
7 Armor 14 +350 HP M.Armor 14
8 Armor 16 +400 HP M.Armor 16
9 Armor 18 +450 HP M.Armor 18
10 Armor 20 +500 HP M.Armor 20


Styles come in three flavors as well; Physical which increases the amount of damage you deal with most Weapon and Aimed abilities, Endurance which increases your max MP value, and then Magical, which increases the damage most Spells deal.

Tier Physical Endurance Magical
1 +1 ATK +50 MP +1 MAG
2 +1 ATK +100 MP +1 MAG
3 +1 ATK +150 MP +1 MAG
4 +1 ATK +200 MP +1 MAG
5 +1 ATK +250 MP +1 MAG
6 +1 ATK +300 MP +1 MAG
7 +1 ATK +350 MP +1 MAG
8 +1 ATK +400 MP +1 MAG
9 +1 ATK +450 MP +1 MAG
10 +1 ATK +500 MP +1 MAG
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