Weapon Strength Delay Properties
Gloves Light/Medium 40/50 Evasion I & Can strike as light or medium weapon.
Knives Light 40 Power Strike 50%: Deals +50% damage on confirmed hit once per battle.
Boomerang Light 40 Ranged
Book Light 40 Enchanted & Spell Charge: On hit, increase next spell by +25%
Axe Medium 50 Critical II
Sword Medium 50 Accuracy II
Javelin Medium 50 Ranged
Flail Medium 50 Accelerate: When ST attacking the same target (or anyone if your last target died) Strikes are quickened by -5D.
Staff Medium 50 Enchanted & MP Charge: Gains stacking T.MP (30/+10) on hit you didn't spend MP on
Spear Heavy 60 Graze: Inflicts ATKx3(Tier+1) damage on miss.
Greatsword Heavy 60 Accuracy I & Critical I
Bow Heavy 60 Ranged
Hammer Heavy 60 Inflicts additional damage dice (+1d12xT) and Shatter: When you hit a target with Armor, M.Armor, Protect, or Shell, the next damage they take is at +25%.
Clothing Properties
Armor Grants Armor (IV/+II) & M.Armor (IV/+II)
Suit Grants T.HP each battle (50/+25)
Robe Grants T.MP each battle (50/+25)
Tier Item Cost Effect
1 Candy 50 Restores 80 HP. Delicious!
1 Chocolate Bar 350 Restores 160 HP. Kind of overpriced, huh…
1 Tomato Oil 100 Medicine: Restores 10xWIL HP. Briefly suppresses Shade weaknesses (2). Not that kind of tomato!
1 Bone Incense 100 Medicine imported from the silk people: Grants 10xWIL T.MP.
1 Mystic Liquor 400 Traditional festival fare. Grants 200 T.HP… but you'll have a headache tomorrow for certain.
1 Fairy Walnut 500 Restores 200 MP. A rare, imported delicacy!
1 Cup of Wishes 250 Revives with 1 HP. Somehow it feels like you're being cheated.
1 Remedy Grass 50 Cures Poison.
1 Flask of Coffee 100 Cures Sleep or Headache.
1 Toada 50 Cures Toad. It's not a toad-flavored soda. It's a toad-themed soda.
1 Lemon Napkin 50 Cures Blind. A little moist napkin packet to clean your face with. It's always refreshing and cool!
1 Mineral Drink 50 Cures Amnesia. Toada's #1 competitor.
1 Bishop Pill 450 Not officially authorized, but it's said that it cures the plague when taken with salt-water.
1 Wisp Wrap 50 Fried ham, green apple, and egg, in a wrap, with a dollop of cream for a tail.
1 A New Weapon! 300 Expect to pay more for additional properties.
1 Some New Clothes! 400 The latest fashions and properties cost a bit more.
1 False Papers 500 In someone else's name. (Legitimate papers cost about 600.)
1 Market Pass 200 District gate pass available on short notice without explanation or excuses. (Family visitation pass is only 50 lucre, but you need to prove you have family on the other side.)
1 Photo Sheet 25 Did you hear they got a photo booth in Wisp? We have to try it out!
1 Brand Name Bird Seed 350 They'll only eat the best Brand Name Bird Seed, you know.
All Jewelry 10,000 S…seriously?
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